I´m gonna list the locations of the monsters.

Indeed I am! Gonna work my way in an Google Excel Spreadsheet for starters and it´s gonna be global for everyone to view. Yes… Excel… I´m not a programmer nor a website maker so It´s all I got for now. Gonna try to make it as easy on the eyes as possible. Gonna take pictures of them all aswell and all of their evolved states. Hopefully there might even be a kind soul out there to make a more coded page for easier access. All I know is that together with the rest of you this list of monsters and locations will be complete in no time. 

Take care hunters!

Well I know about coding is HTML and CSS, but I can use my photoshop skills (yes, I have those) to make it pretty ! If someone would be kind enough to code it, then it would be awesome : D

I can help with coding.

The more the merrier. :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic idea and I would love to be a part of it. I’d happily assist in the prettying up and data collecting if you need me!

Help is always welcome in any form. :slight_smile:

Also gonna write down their elements and how to get them if you need to do anything special to make them yours.

Awesome! If you need help count me in!

I will of course also help but should we create a wiki? May be better in the long run!

It would require way more work than just a list of the monsters

It depends on what the community wants. If they rather want a wiki it can be made into a wiki instead. Not really sure which is better and easiest to handle. Never done a wiki before.

A wiki needs a LOT more info in it : a list of every quests, how to complete them, a page for every monster, on every attack, on every character, etc… it needs a lots of details and a lots of pages.

Generally, a wiki is preferred. A standard website requires one person (or a small number of people) to manage all of the information. As games are generally large, allowing the entire community to contribute information is ideal.

Wanna set up a wiki then?

I´ll start off with the list since I have no experience with wiki/wikia and I´ll input all the monster data etc when then structure is done, if anyone have the strength and time to make a wiki/wikia that is.

Wikis are always good and easy to navigate :wink:

I can start the wikia when your done.

If I can do anything to help, count me in!

Thanks for volunteering guys!

Ill pin the wikia once we get this all taken care of

I will certainly start setting up the site when i get home and you guys give me the info!

Need any graphics for the wiki?