Monster List

Edit: This list has been discontinued, as an official wiki will be added soon. 

For a location guide to all monsters, see this topic.

Note: this list will store links to the specific monster location topics we’re creating. It will be updated as more monsters get added.
1 Spark
2 Sparkape
3 Sparkong
4 Thunderback
5 Brakie
6 Brakio
7 Brakion
8 Brakitorus

9 Snorkling

10 Blazenort

11 Hogfire

12 Soltusk

I like this idea! This is way easier than the wiki and accesable for members only ?

I think so.

Yep this section of the forum is member only.

It can also be more detailed about the arcs than the wiki

And can contain an access to PvP advice that we haven’t added to the wiki yet so that could be forum exclusive.

I’ve redirected a link on the wiki towards this post :smiley:

PS : Ashley do you think you could add pictures in this topic ? As some people will be looking for something they saw and won’t necessarily remember the name ? Or would it become to big of a topic ? 

Because if you’re looking for something and you have to visit each topic one by one :open_mouth:

The issue with that is there’s a limit on how many pictures there can be in a single topic. We could maybe get that changed, though.

We’re actually looking into a different system, though. There’s some criticism for this way of going about it, and we’re talking about alternative ways before we continue here.

One could make a document/spreadsheet in google docs, and display that in here. If i’m not mistaking, the mobile web viewer has a filter option, so viewers could easily filter out the rare ones.

The wiki is no good? I was thinking of adding some stuff on there, unless it’s being scapped?

That wiki isn’t. Though we may be adding an official wiki, in which case we’ll use that and dump this project. I’ve put this on hold until we figure out what’s going on.

… Can we make one topic and post each wikipedia entry in separate posts?

I am Sitting now for 100 Times 2 from North on the Way and i don’t find Brakie
Any tipps ?:smiley:

Sit longer.

Sit around 750 times , that would be enough

So I’ve been farming spark now for 6 days about 70 hrs of gameplay total. Haven’t seen one yet. Really starting to get annoying at this point, I mean I heard of grinding hard but this is just menotinous and this is just the first 1 I still haven’t even tried the other 2. A level 64 I have was level 61 when I started let’s put it that way. Sigh*

What I was thinking with using a spreadsheet:

The images need to be readded, and because of the copy-paste most of it looks like one giant mess, but there’s a main structure. Once I’ve reassigned the rights to the sheet, anyone should be able to edit the file. Also, with a bit of functions, one can add a search filter and some other fancy stuff to improve its accessibility (as opposed to just one big list of arks).

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Actually, the betas already have a spreadsheet but again, we’re looking into better ways to post it.

i think the wiki is pretty decent already, we have most if not all pictures of the ark’s available (and soon) and it seems easy to edit. As long as we keep a hold on people writing nonsense or basing all other entries on the starter entries it could work ;D I’d be happy to do some work myself, I can do so at christmas, when I get my iPod back -_-

The wiki is not an option. We need something on this site.

I believe an on-site wiki will be sufficient. When I say that, I mean a new page, next to the lovely Official Facebook, Forums, Members, and Chat tabs.