Hunter Island 'Pokedex' App

Hi everyone!

I am thinking about creating an iPhone app that will serve as an all-inclusive guide (much like a Pokedex for Pokemon) for Hunter Island. I noticed that there are many incomplete lists online so I would love to have a completely compiled list of the monsters, pictures, information, and everything about each one. However, I can’t do this alone. It would be great if any of you interested in helping put together all of this information and formulating/beta testing the app would shoot me a private message and we can get putting this on!

Leave any comments or suggestions or anything below!

Thanks for your help and I hope to get everyone involved in this huge project!

We are already working on a wikipedia, but that shouldn’t shoot down your goals.

You should ask the developers first. The things you may seek to put in your app may be copyrighted. If they give you the Ay-OK, then sure, I’d like to help.

Good luck. :>

Interesting idea! May be easier to access information on a mobile device than a wiki is. I can see both having advantages and disadvantages, though. 

In case you didn’t know the Beta Testers made a list on all the monsters where they spawn etc.  A wiki site will be posted within the coming weeks with all the info. :wink:

Definitely get the go ahead from the devs before you go making things using their stuff. you wouldn’t want any legal issues on your hands.

Oh yea this is just purely an idea at this point! The devs will definitely be contacted before I make any moves. Just seeking support and input at this point :slight_smile:

i may be wrong but I think the Wikia stuff provides a mobile version with access to the same content, formatted for mobile devices.  Just FYI.

But the wiki isn’t very complete yet so if that app comes out first it’ll be quite usefull ! 

Well I’d be more than happy to help if you need it any point. Sounds like a great idea!

Zyphlan, the wiki is in progress. There has been a lot more progress made behind the scenes than is available at this point. It has been held back to let people find stuff out for themselves and explore the game before giving away the big details :slight_smile:

Oh ok my bad then !

Yet i’m sure an app can bring some things that the wiki can’t. Maybe if it’s just a better display of the info ! Or an offline mode for those you sometimes play without network.

That’s a good idea, offline mode.

I have reached out to the devs on Facebook…if anyone has any more of a direct communication method that would be great!

Offline mode will be available for those of you who are not always on wifi and such. Loading pictures of all of the monsters can become very data-intensive.

You can reach the administrators by clicking “The Moderating Team” at the very bottom of the main page and private message them though the forums.

To be totally fair. There’s a Pokémon wiki. There’s also a Pokédex. They’re two different things. They both offer information, but they’re written differently.

In short, yes, I’d love to see a dex app for this game.

To reach the debs Facebook is really nice !

It wrote to them and because of the time zones we’re got a reply the night after !

They do respond really fast !

Can’t wait to see how it’ll come along :smiley:

Feel free to use anything on the wiki, I am the main contributor to the monster list page and am constantly updating it.  The most important thing that I am working on now is the moves list. 

I agree i think a wiki and pokedex both have advantages and different things i think you should go for it😊 because just think though pokedexes are facts and wikis have some opinion, im not saying one is right or wrong, im just saying they both come from different perspectives