.pdf moster list

Hi!  First post here, but I thought I would stop by and say hi!  Anywho, I have been very annoyed at how long it takes to load the monster list on the wiki page so I just threw it all into Word and made a .pdf version of it.  Also, I added the missing Musharoo pic to it.  But yeah, I just thought I would share it with all of you guys!

Happy hunting! =)

Nice man

Thx so much i had loading issues and internet explorer even force quit on me in the wiki from loading overload

Glad I could help! The wiki list is nice on my computer, but on my phone it just loads too slow and if I try to do a “find on page” it just crashes chrome (or safari). :slight_smile:

Thank you.

It’s sure handy to have this rather than waiting every time I want to check something quickly.

Can’t open the pdf, says there’s a security leak or something… :frowning:

Hmmm… I know on chrome it says that “this type of file can harm your computer” when you download it. What browser are you using?

The iPad version of Chrome…

To be more exact on my previous statement, it says Chrome can’t verify whether the URL for this site is correct, and hence I can’t continiue.

very nice to have! ty

Gfish, if you have a computer handy try downloading it and emailing it to yourself.

Exact same thing for me

Apparently copy-pasting the url of the file just worked… somehow :wink:

Nice! Glad it worked out for you Gfish!

Nicely done man!

How up to date is the lust regarding availability of Arks? I thought a team with a Rooknight, is that available through egg spin?

As up to date as the wiki was when I made it on the 14th.  I really didn’t make the list at all, I just put it in a nice .pdf file for people to use for easy access.  =D

Yes rook is available via egg