I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 2)

Just question, is this really pvp report in season 50? :thinking:
How can white Titan most used top 5 spot without auraleus?
Also fd iris / fd salvia in most used Frontline/5 spot without maeve In most used FL ?


I’m glad Astrogolem made it in the list.

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they should focus on what combos are used rather than individual monsters, that’s why Maeve didn’t make the list, same as Aurelus.

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Yes, Auraleus and Maeve is core of the combo. I am sure they are more used then actual support like fd iris/fd salvia/white Titan.

moreover, white titan is ranked 5th in the “most used 5th spot” , if white Titan is ranked 9th I still believe it’s possible that Auraleus is ranked 11th and not listed in the pvp report.

This is make me think,Dev too affraid limit myth so they are doesnt want add them in pvp report.

I asked and the Devs were happy to share how the PvP report is made. It takes reads the teams of the top 100 players to get the list of most used monsters.


And I always thought it’s from all participants :sweat_smile:

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Something he hadn’t shared because of the tournament. Some pvp to share with you guys


Atleast ,Thx for clarify . But I am still have question how can it posible the support like fd iris/salvia/white Titan is more used then actual core monster.

Thanks :slight_smile: I guess it was 6 years ago I made a forum account!

Probably because some people used them with different setups. Flutters get used with Beetlebrute, Mantisamurai and Lunactia sometimes. Probably everyone who used Maeve used her with Iris so it’s naturally below Iris. Whitetitan+Auraleus is rarer so Aura didn’t make it on the record but the 5th spot maybe has a wider variety of monsters not used much (once you get past the very common Rhinoël, Aviaeronix, etc) so it’s easier to get on that list.

I’m just guessing, but that’s what makes sense to me.

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ik this may be late but do they use the last team we won with?

That’s a good question. I really don’t know

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