I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? (Part 2)

good match

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She is good for you I’m sure. I also like her in second form (I tried making a team around her in the FL just in case I run into @guesswhosback 's retribution team lol) but people who have less collection, she absolutely gets outclassed by many other mythics and I’m sure there are worse ones but there are, like I said, better ones like lemon/Nagadia seconds form and this is the ones I remember. She is a big hindrance for people with small collection since the game probably gave you alot of units who have entrance monsters and you can’t use them with bastia.

GG’s @Mr_LoKi. Nice midgame dolphin spam.

I’m guessing u were not exactly smiling when u did this @Smiley_Unit ??

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Yeah I’m going to advocate for a boxchomp nerf in the future. That rhino is 1,000% better than tinker in every way. Hi2022


Ahhhh I think u were testing berry ?

More or less. I shouldn’t have killed everything with the box lol.

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And i do this weird blasting sound when players blast it xD might aswell enjoy it while I can

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Ye bad bad Loki dolphin spamming

I just got a new best 30 winstreak! I wonder if I can reach 40 wins…

Final form is definitely a lot better than the second form. Adding purify to the heal moves matters a lot, the unlimited heal is annoying because it takes 200s before it can be used and in reality you don’t need more than 6 heals in a PvP match. Knockback random being faster is a big deal and finally having that heal+purify+shield the whole team is a very powerful move for getting yourself into a dominating position.

Oh and there’s plenty of piercing attacks she doesn’t die to in final form, from legendaries at least.

I’ve used her in both forms and feel there’s a significant step up from 2nd to 3rd, which is why I dropped her to tier 2.


@George_Rulse already did it


lol i just reached 30 wins. never mind winstreak. :joy:

(serves me right for using chronotitan fl - fun when it works but doesn’t happen often!)

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Lost it at 38 wins to a guy running nova aoe spam lol. He must’ve gained over 1200RP from me since I lost 580

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@ONEduck you ruined my streak

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at least i know what to do next time

GG now we both don’t have winstreaks :duck: Be warned, I likely won’t be using this team for ranked

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I once had a 43

This should be called the flexing thread :muscle:t5:

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Yes. The best I’ve managed during ranked is a 25 winstreak