I have 3 passes. Which one did I buy?

According to your experience.
Which is the best?

How do you get 7-star tickets?

Save your tickets


Is that the only selection?

Are u more interested in PvP or PvE?

None. Wait for 6 tickets

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Wait and see the changes to mecha if a slight nerf go for him otherwise wait for the 6 monsters

Top 3 - 3 Ticket Cost For PvP

1 - Mechaviathan
2 - Valzareign
3 - Drakozord Z

Top 3 - 6 Ticket Cost For PvP

1 - Dusciyon
2 - Icefang
3 - Atrahasis


With 6 6* Tickets goldtail is the one to go! Easy sleep lock at pvp and pve… Goldtail is the best one if u search a Monster u can use for both, PvP and pve

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Goldtail is the one I’m waiting for. I already got Duscy and Atra.

Is 3 passes the max you could have right now?

It’s hard to help without knowing your team

Wait for six tickets. This is a one time discount so you save six tickets if you wait for something like dusci atra or goldtail as opposed to saving three tickets. Atra for pve if you already have good monsters to synergize with it, goldtail to basically win pve, dusci for both pvp and pve.

Atra can be very useful in PvP as well.

Agra’s amazing. Good move


get appollorexus jk

get anyone except warca, i bought it and i’m disappointed

With your first purchase you always want to get one of the six ticket monsters to save the most