6 star tickets recommendation

Just wondering which legendary that costs 3 6 star tickets would be be the best to choose.

Wait for 6 ticket monster they are better and the 50%off only applies to your first bought mon

Does it take a long time to accumulate these tickets. Only have 2 and I’ve been playing for a couple weeks

It usually takes a month for two tickets (one for login bonus and another for 30k rp in pvp), but you definitely should wait till six tickets and buy probably dusicyon. Pretty much everyone who buys a monster on a discount for three tickets regrets not waiting for three extra tickets.

Ok thanks. I will save up 6 tickets then.

I would go for goldtail

I can strongly recommend:


Galliodragon is a good choice for new players.
You can actually get 4 instant kills with him.You need to use Haniwel (3 star available on curse island) life filp all then swift Desparate all.
Also Haniwel has to be +9.

Go for 6 ticket monster or 12 ticket flocco

But it can be easily countered by a fast aoe, I did it

The best option is the 6 ticket dusycion.
Shield Field - Every ally monster gets a shield when enter the field.
Please don’t choose the wrong monster like me, I chose Warca, the useless WARCA.
I’m such a noob, I got 6 tickets and bought TIAMAZUS.
Someone kill me please.


I bought Atrahasis and Galliodragon :sob:

I. Bought. Warca. You can’t be dumber than me.


Warca was my first legendary. Don’t diss him!

That being said getting him from the shop was not the best idea.


@DQ123 There are a bunch of recommendations here but the first was definitely the best. Save until you have 6 tickets and buy one of the monsters on discount from 12 -> 6. The best one there is Dusicyon, by far. Shield field makes all your other monsters better and it tanks well itself while also having aggression with confident strike. It works in almost all parts of the game perfectly and fits into almost every team. You won’t regret the decision.


I bought Nebelronix then Banedragon -_- I feel you.



Banedragon is that poison entrance, right?

Ur right. I’m thinking like Blightwyrm, whichever one has the 100TU Poison Massacre and Detox Blast as an SS