I can't progress any further

I reached a point where I can’t progress any further.  I do not think grinding or farming would help because what will I farm? I can’t increase my monster stat point until I use one of my gold keys and get only 3 fruits… which is 9 total points every day… And this would take soooo long

I have maxed my monster in training.  I got them all to max and I still can’t beat mission and arena peeps in Expert leagues.

I have:

Redzan (4* monkey)












and bunch of others but they don’t do any damage with max attack stats and with 85%+ def and hp stats full they die.

I use poison and tank killer strategy to kill mos of them but now enemy hits so hard that I can’t even survive until my turns comes and with their minor skills I die quickly. 

I played through the most recent (live) version and became Grand Champion without terrible difficulty. I’m unlucky too.


Okay, I’m making a thread.

I am confused.

  1. what do you mean by “I’m unlucky too?”

  2. what thread o.o

As in “I don’t have godly monsters and I beat the game.”

For you personally: Galva is the thunder mouse starter. Why is he not at the end for last stand? Where’s your Griffbeak? Your Voltyke?

Key players, my friend.

agreed , too hard.
Gonna wait for the update when it makes it less difficult.
Almost impossible with 3 star monsters , 1 good monster , and that’s about it , the ones I got from gems , (the epic ones , I think I got 2 of those )

Can you get youth fruit in the dungeons that costs 2 tickets or 3 tickets ?

yes but I would rather try in harder dungeon.  more xp = more cost in team. 

I love my Galva. but I do not have him final or ultra evolve. maybe thats why he doesnt have last stand?

I do have monkey (redape) or something (starter). he has last stand but I never use it… Soon as he shows up last he just dies without getting single turn.  Thats why I keep him 1st and he takes me really far that way.

Voltyke: he was good mid game but now he just does 0 damage compare to monsters def and hp with 100% full max stats.  Also, no aoe on him… only thing he is good for is "timebreak"attack

and I don’t know what Griffbeak is… please explain. 

Why do you want to finish the same so quickly?

I don’t.

It’s weekend and I want to play.  I am not moving anywhere when I am playing game. 0% progress.

Even in endgame people PVP, or farm raid dungeons etc.  Here, I can’t even reach there without spending.  

HunterIsland I used farm for 4 hours straight to get 1 mob and it was worth it.  but no chance here.

Oh my bad, I read that as Galvaboss. My b my b. Galvadillo is the electric super epic protector. The monster I was thinking of is Galvaboss, who is the electric mouse starter, similar to redape.

You should definitely keep him at the end. Trust me. 

And lemme break it to ya - you’re still midgame.

Voltyke Timebreak is amazing. I use his timestrike even in master to champion league and beyond…plus Chapter 2-3 in the storyline, which is VEEEERRYY difficult. Voltiger is still on my team. Poison revenge is amazing to go with poison eaters like hellataur too.

Griffbeak is a farmable monster on desert island. It has a great support kit.

You should also get Rosaqueen for her dreamhunt. Pairs great with Demihorus’ sleep all. If you haven’t already, I recommend going through the dungeons on the previous islands and getting any 3* monsters you missed, Rosaqueen being one of them. I got through expert league and into chapter 3 using only captured monsters and eggs from gems I earned. Don’t think that just because 2* don’t have high stats that they aren’t useful. Just like Tiberius I’m still using Voltiger, along with Griffclaw, Hellataur, and Rhynobrawl.

can someone tell me exactly where to get voltiger and rhynobrawl? or their pre evolution?

Voltyke(Voltiger) is on the very first island just north of Amanden. Rhynorunt(Rhynobrawl) is on the desert island directly south of Mardus.

Thank you, i just found them all except for rhynorunt which i couldn’t find, so thank you