I feel stuck...


So I’m relatively new to Neo Monsters (I played Monster Island and Dragon Island Blue back in high school but that’s been a minute) but I’ve sorta got caught in a rut where my team isn’t good enough to advance in the main story line and the online stuff barring ingredient missions are Herculean in practice, and training near-impossible to do due to my low ticket count. With no gems and the self-promise that I wouldn’t spend money on this game I feel trapped. Any advice?
Current Monsters:

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Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Stuck at the Great Four against Johanna.


Join Line. Post the FL of the level you’re stuck there. Well help you.

I beat it with no legends or SEs.


You need lightning monsters against maedel. Go catch Voltiger from first Island (2star with timestrike), Glitchy (5star with timestrike) from tropical Island east part with 2 Fruit trees, Lunaling (5star protector, cloner) from frost Island lower West coast (near the hole in the ice) and finally glyther (4 star protector, stun absorber) from online monster hunting lightning Trial. These monsters should help defeating maedel.

Note that the 5 stars are rare spawns and have about 26 per cent capture chance at critical level. There is one more 5star on timber Island southeast near volcanos, called Acolight and he is arguably the best of them because he one shots even water monsters in some cases. And on central cursed Island you can also capture a 6star monster called Noxar but he is not that great in the Story part.


Hey. Post your team (16) on here and that will help everyone help you.


The first team is the team I’ve been using against Johanna. The second is my usual team.


So I’m following your advice and nabbed a Lunaling on the first try (super lucky as I had accidentally brought my poison team) and also picked up a Griffwing (2 star that purifies and heals). Already had a Glyther and am now working on Glitchy. I appreciate everyone’s advice.


What you can try as well is a frontline of galvboss (you have him unevolved and you need to evolve him for this to work), pengboss (1 star give turn protector, glyther and Lunaling or Glitchy. So galvboss has “assisted thunder all” which makes him do more damage the more lightning monsters are on the field. Skip a turn with galvboss so he is behind sparkgeist, Use “enrage teammate” with sparkgeist on galvboss and he will do immense damage to water monsters. then give turns to him with pengboss. You can put thundrake next and then leobolt for stun.


So current update: I’m still stuck. I’ve been unlucky in getting a glitchy, acolight, and getting galvboss. As for the current changes to my team, they solidify my early game against her, but Warca and Titanwolf annihilate most of team before I can even react to them, and even with Enrage Teammate/Vile Rage, any “unlucky” decision to hit my Rage target ends the hopes of killing the two.


Well today I beat Maedel and the Fire guy after her (had literally no problem with him). I feel proud to say I did it and it was all thanks to yall. While I didn’t follow your exact advice in most situations, the advice provided a solid foundation for the success.


Glad to hear that! Best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask again if something happens!