Island Challenge Reward Bug

 Just wanted to report this little bug. On Level 92 i got a regular de-aging fruit, instead of a super one.

happened to me too

working on that will make sure people above that floor are compensated!

Yeah me too…

Strange, i did get super one. But now i’m stuck on floor 150, thay made lvl 1 monster stronger than lvl 4. It is so hard, no matter which strategy i use, can’t pass this lvl :confused:

What hero rank are you dark night

Anyone else feels a bit fooled above lvl 200?

My oponents got teams with several 5 star monsters which onehit almost everything and my crappy team struggles as hell. thats annoying…

Your right, its so difficult to pass above lvl 200 because enemy has several 5star monsters, while team has only one 5star and several low tier monsters w/ low attacks.even how many strategies you did, its useless cause enemies defense is too strong

I’m on 245 now. It’s all about which monsters you get. Good luck!

Me is at lvl 265, yuh! good luck is what I need

I right now I’m in the level 140, and I have some troubles with some players