I can't play Hunter Island.

I cannot purchase Hunter Island on my device. I certainly have the money for it. So Hunter Island is my first purchase on this device (previously have purchased on other devices) so it asks me for my security question. I forgot my security question. I kept trying to remember it and put pretty random stuff. After multiple attempts my Apple ID was locked from buying paid apps. I’m very sad because everyone has Hunter Island exept me. This also means I can’t buy Dragon Island Blue either. What do I do? Calling Apple by phone is unfortunately not an option.

Are you doing it wirelessly? Maybe plug it in a computer and see if you can work on it there. You should also keep a note or something of question answers

Haha, this is exactly what happened with me. All you have to do is create a new account. That should solve it. Make sure to write down the new security questions somewhere, though!

If you got to the iForgot thing, there is an option to have the answers to your security questions to you.

But what if I have money in my account? Will it transfer over to the new account?

No; that was the problem with mine. But it’s only 0.99 (I’m not sure what is it where you live), so unless your parents are unforgiving, you can just switch over.

if they’re keen to save, then try Shen’s way.

The thing is, I spent 15$ into my old account yesterday and that money can’t go to waste

Try logging into appleid.apple.com and go to “Password and Security” and see if there’s a choice to reset your questions.

Or just go onto apples site and see if they have any questions similar to yours or something. .-.

Good news! I was up all night yesterday lurking for answers and I’m getting my answers reset! Tomorrow I’ll be getting this game for sure!


I can’t wait to see your progress :slight_smile:

Awesome good luck in hunter island.

Try apple contact support by mailing them for online support woks wonder for me

This really had nothing to do with the FAQ Zoroark, but I don’t see a better place to move it to.  I hope you have the game by now but since it seems resolved, I’m closing this thread.