So yeah , i’m not gonna play anymore :expressionless: beause my son , deleted HI on my iphone. & i lost everything so yeah … Cya awsome people . & i refuse to waste anymore money .

Very, very, VERY sorry to hear that.

Later :frowning:

Aw man I’m sorry to hear that.  I hope you enjoyed the game when you got to.  Later Oxambi.

Man, this is so sudden… That really sucks man… we’ll miss you. Thanks for contributing to the community bro

You don’t have your device automatically back up to iCloud when you plug it in?

Yeaa :confused: , & no problem man! I proll just end up coming back when the update comes across … I prolly wont be as active from here to the update but ill see whats going around the forums and see how this wonderful community progress

I haven’t plugged in my iphone since ios7 came out so i can do an update , & i do not have any kind of computer access atm , & i dnt have icloud turned on

Sorry to hear this OXambi hope you will come back :frowning:

one more reason to finally implement an iCloud feature in the next update that enables playing on multiple devices and an automatically generated backup of your current game status - probably easier said than done :slight_smile: i would like it though