Are people actually still able to play hunter island?

Hunter island was my childhood, and i found out that this forum was a thing, so I am asking, are people actually able to play hunter island? If so, how? I have had hunter island on my phone, unable to play it because it isnt updated, but i get the feeling from some posts on here that some people are still able to open the app and continue playing. Just trying to figure out whether or not the game is still playable at all.


I have spent years waiting for this moment


To my knowledge, I am the only person on earth who still actively plays(there might be a few others but I haven’t found them). The fact that you still have it is encouraging. I believe that Hunter Island, like many other games, was blocked with the iOS 11 update, so if you can find a way to get back to before then, it may be able to work. If you can’t, though, it is possible that you may be able to find a way around it. There is someone in a Discord called ‘hidden gem games’ that may be able to recreate Hunter Island using certain information(idk what I’m not an expert). Besides that, it may be possible to emulate the game, depending on how much information you can access, and what skills you have. I’ve personally spent quite a while trying to find some way to continue playing on modern devices, but I’ve been rather limited due to the fact that I only have the app on an old iPhone. If yours is more modern, then you actually might stand a chance.

No matter what you do, don’t delete the app. Even if those ideas fail, having Hunter island(often referred to as HI) on a post-iOS 11 device is likely the best chance we have to continue playing.