Someone please help me, 2 of my 5 year old students were playing with my iphone and they deleted my saved game in Hunter Island that I have been working on for HOURS every day for the past 6 months or more, and also I have put a lot of money into the game :S :C  Is there anyway to get it back?!?!?!  PLEASE HELPPPPPPP :C

Do you have iCloud backup turned on and have you plugged your device in (charging it) while wifi was enabled? If so, you can restore that backup to get it back.

Or if you manually backed it up to iTunes.

Ashley, I think i do, how do i restore it??

You’ll either have to reset it to factory settings, then be prompted to restore it from there (note: any backup that has happened after the one with Hunter Island on it will overwrite the old one), or plug your phone into your computer and select a backup to restore. 

Additionally, you can use an application such as DiskAid to back up your other apps right now, restore it to factory settings, restore the backup to get Hunter Island back, and then restore your other apps as they are right now to avoid losing important data from those.

Well now not only have i lost my game but eveyrhing on my phone has been deleted, great, FML

You need to read what I write before trying things. You “back it up” first, then you reset. Then you restore it. Then you don’t have anything lost. Did you even bother checking out DiskAid? Probably not.