Suggestion: Make it posible to login to other Apple device

To the Devs

Can u make it possible to login to ur Hunter island Account from other apple products like Dragon vale

Huh? Log in to Hunter Island from Dragonvale? First, why would you want to? And second, the Dragonvale developers would need to be in on this as well…

Also, that’s not an Apple product. That’s a Backflip Studios product.

no I don’t mean that I was using dragonvale as an example

I made it more clear on the suggestion forum

anyone who is looking at this I made it more clear on the suggestion pg on pg 11

I see, you meant “the same way DragonVale does it”, not “log in to Hunter Island from products such as DragonVale”. 

That makes much more sense. Sorry, I’m tired. 

That’s a good idea. But DragonVale keeps the entire game on a server, so that’s easy to do. What can happen, though, is that iCloud can be used to store the save file and push it to each device that plays the game. 

Plus, if they do that, it makes the game impossible to play offline.

Because of what dragonvale does, they can’t play offline, fortunately for Hunter island, the only thing that you can’t access is PVP and online missions

Something’s gotta give somewhere if you want this to happen

I cant or dont know how to use iCloud to get it to all my devices

(please dont share this around, as its not only abusable, but will be later make you unable to enjoy pvp features. sincerely Blixtiya)

Destined, that’s a genius idea! Very convenient solution.

zoroark, its not.