Thought I'd share a laugh...

Just thought I’d share a laugh with you to show what a complete noob I am.

I was farming for a hatchling. So I just kept walking along the 4 spawn spots for around 2 hours. Came on the forum after getting annoyed and completely bored that nothing was happening. Then saw in a topic that you only need to tap the square that you are on to start a battle.

I now have a Galey rank D after about 20 mins :slight_smile:

Is it worth trying for a higher ranked hatchling? Or should I just get the first one that spawns?

Get a higher rank… Go for a B or A, if you’re really lucky hopefully an S

Ok thanks. It’s gonna take a lot of time.
I’m gonna go for an A class at least.

Lol lucky you I’ve been farming forreeever but haven’t found one

Yeah 20 mins is nothing

Well so far I’ve come across 3 and they’ve all been rank D. Caught the first with 100 gold. Skipped the second and caught the 3rd with silver.

Hope the S or A rank comes soon.

Hahahahahahhahahaha that was hilarious

lol thats funny i was luck enough that it only took 2h and a half to get 4 hatchlings

I woyldve tried to catch all 3 as you can never have to many hatchlings