Farming for rare monsters

Hey guys I’m farming for rare monster such as the starters and I can’t play it like over an hour at a time does that mess up the spawn rate for getting off and on the game and still farming?


It seems like you made duplicate threads. I deleted one of them. Sorry for any inconvenience. ^^

As for your question, no, it does not. Or rather, it shouldn’t.

I do not believe it messes up the spawn rate. Its mostly about luck. Some people can find the starters and hatchlings in an hour. Others take days or weeks to find even one. Its probably a good thing that you play this on and off as you wont rage after not finding one in an hour.

Yes I was wondering about this question many times in the past too & at one point on the chat, someone asked admin & he confirmed that the spawn rate won’t be reset until you found them.