Hunter Island 8 Star Maximum Tournament: Middle Weight Championship

EDIT:  See below for matchup making.

It was suggested in the Master Tournament thread and I have been known to favor the underused low rank/star monsters.  So I’m going to jump on this and organize a tournament of 8 Stars Maximum.

edit by admin: Winner of this tournament will get the forum title, Middle Weight Champion until the next tournament is over.   

List your name and GC here, or if you aren’t comfortable posting your GC name, you can work that out when brackets are assigned.  This will require honesty and fair play to make sure you are only using 8 Stars or less on your team.  It does give a little more variety in what you might otherwise choose and be a great tournament if you haven’t yet obtained those precious golden egg monsters or the rare fusions. 

Find a name from this list who is online in chat and not in blue already.  Ask them to duel for the 8* Tournament.

  1. Jemnidad    GC: Jemnidad   (First round complete)
  2. Slycrg         GC: Slycrg/
  3. InsaneX       GC: InsaneX 25
  4. Shen_W00  GC: Shen_W00
  5. tmkhaled     GC: teukumuhammadkhaled
  6. Pitta93        GC: Pitta 93
  7. S19Mags    GC: <private>
  8. Bgibbons101230 (gc: Bgibbons101230)
  9. Trotticus    GC: ~ Imladris ~
  10. ArkadionChamp  GC: Shizzyfab
  11. OhhMikey   GC: 
  12. OXambi   GC: oxAmbivalenz 
  13. Cloudicus  GC bleachedclouds 
  14. jayden     GC: jayden 
  15. The legendary arkwing  GC:  karnos animus
  16. Tacos    GC: JakeM148 
  17. Kitty    GC: 123kc : )
  18. Warlordsh   GC: Warlordsh
  19. Tiberius (GC ID: Player12321232123)
  20. Drybones   (GC: onefbaknitter)            (First round complete)
  21. Pickle0110
  22. Yonfire  (GC: YONFIRE)
  23. Ricki   Gc: rikkitik22
  24. Bluejays192   GC: Bluejays192
  25. JSHBoosh   GC: ^ Boosh ^

Ok, let the games begin. 

Here is how it’s going to go down:

Matchups will be handled by players on their own first come first served.  So whoever can find a match from among the other players, you will play that as your first round.  This should allow whoever is online at similar times to be easier to match up.  Matches will be determined by best 2 out of 3 battles.  Teams may switch their lineup in between battles.  (I know some of us are using untested Arkadions in battle).  EDIT: Just decided.  This will be a double elimination as well, so losers can get a second chance at a battle, through the bracket. 

Let me know the results here and I will set up a bracket. 

With this in mind, it’s not too late to sign up until the the last day of round 1, which right now I will say will be next Monday.

Remember the 8 Star rank maximum.  This means no Starters, and no dragons (unless they are are not final evolutions). .

Not sure how many are still actively in this and as a starting attempt at a bracket I went with a smaller number.  Bracket is subject to change as players find matches and finish battles.

No need to list teams, a screenshot of anyone caught breaking the rules will suffice. Unless anyone wants others to list teams just in case.

Anyways, I’ll join this one
GC: Slycrg/

It’s ironic because I have a lot of good 8.5*'s…

Just kidding though, I’m not ready to enter tournaments yet by the way.

I want in i think it gives me a better chance of winning in this tournament but will still participate in both :slight_smile:
Gamecenter: InsaneX 25

Count me in. GC is my username, as always

I’ll join I guess, just keep me posted on starting dates/ how to even do this haha. Game name is S19Mags, I’ll post GC name later or privately

I’m definitely in, please. I can’t compete in pvp at the moment, there are far too many teams with egg-bought arkadions that I just can’t compete with. This, on the other hand, sounds brilliant! :smiley:

Gamecenter: pitta 93

Can i join? Gc teukumuhammadkhaled

I want in my gc is Shizzyfab,will the tournament be held in the game.I need details.

When will this tourney be held? I’m still preparing some of my 8 star ark

ill join this, my gc is jetman91

I’ll join but I’ll keep my Game Center private :slight_smile:


Where is jemnidad?

Sounds fun. Gc: bleachedclouds

ill join GC …jayden

I wanna join my GC is karnos animus

Sign me up JakeM148

Can i join my GC is 123kc : ) with no space in the smile, i had to or else it would make :slight_smile:

count me in ;D

GC: Warlordsh