Tournament of Power

Hello fellow trainers, I’m NML King Fearless, I’ve put together a fun tournament, this tournament will be as any other but with some requirements. There will also be prizes and icons give away for the 1st place, the runner up, and the 3rd place trainer in this tournament. There will also be some rules to even the odds amongst players, these will be relayed below.

Rule 1: The team must have a cost of 159
Rule 2: Max number of payback revenge monsters is 1. (You can only have 1 death revenge monster in your team)
Rule 3: You can only use 2 Thlug monsters in your team

Banned monsters list: Novadrake, Ankoudragon, Thlug Bruce, Moku, Razorstorm.
Also only 1 mythic allowed, (awakened or in sec form doesnt matter)

REQUIREMENTS: To keep this as challenging as possible, I’ve decide to put a requirement, you can participate from rank 100 and above.

Runner up:
3rd place:
NB: There will be a separate battle for the third place, more details will be shared on this once you join.

Interested participants, please inbox me with your hero rank and you’re last PVP ranking so that I can make the matches even among the participants.
Tournament will commence on the 1st of June.

It would also be best (required actually) if each person (at least 1 person on the match to record the battle) and send it to myself.



If you guys are interested feel free to message me or king fearless, it is not a big tourny, but itll be fun.

I am in🥳

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sure bro heheh, i’ll add u, send me the details in pm

Aren’t you nml alvarez

i posted this on behalf of king fearless lol
he created the post, im just organizing

Does this need to be exact?

you can have exact 159 or below, 157 or maybe 157, but not over

That’s what I was worried about.

are okay on this now? lemme know if u need any more clarification,

I’m good. Probably won’t join tho. I’m not exactly what you might call a PvP pro

its okay bro, its up to you, no problem

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I’m really curious as to why Ankou of all monsters is banned :sweat_smile:

lmfao hahah, hes like a feline, 9 lives lmfao we figure he’d be a pain lol haha

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I would like to participate but sadly didnt play pvp ranked in my account yet so cant give ranking😭

Maybe next time

Ankou is often very strong in teams with fewer monsters, just like Moku


Ill just say 1 thing ankou+guardian on opponents team=disaster😂

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the reason why i asked for ranking is to set u up with an even match, also your hero rank as well, this will determine and even the odds for you

If u read my topic u know that i just got my old account back after getting banned in the new one😅 so ig u know i cant rly compete here rn since idk how gd is my team😁 as i said maybe next time if i did well in upcoming pvp

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