questions for the beta testers

I have just a few questions out of curiosity to ask.
1 were you guys given every monster to test?
2 were you allowed to keep any or all of them into the actual game?
3 would any of you like to go against me in a match or few? Would just like to see how i stack up with some of you. I know ashley in particular has given me a few tips that have helped me a great deal.

1 - no.

2 - of the ones we were given, yes.

3 - if you want. 

Ill have to add you at some point just got to figure out how. I have a feeling my team will be whipped because at the moment theres no strategy behind my team

I can help with strategy :slight_smile:

To add me, add -~Ashley~- on Game Center and then use the Invite Friend feature to fight me. Ideally, you should go on the chat so we can talk about strategy after the fight when you decide to do it.

I’m in there a lot, so it won’t be hard finding me there.

Would also like to battle u at some point ashley if u have the time :slight_smile: think i have filled my pvp setup with only hard hitters, and 3 monsters for the don p strategy, but would be nice to get some pointers :slight_smile:

Ok ill add you soon as i get a chance when im not at work. Cant wait

If you guys want to go against me my GC is PREDleader.  I don’t have the over powering team as Ashley does but it’s still a challenge! :slight_smile: