Hunter Island Master Tournament: Heavy Weight Championship

The First Tournament of Hunter Island! Who is the best? The victor of the first tournament? Sign up to find out!

Edit by Admin: The winner of this tournament will get the title Heavy Weight Champion on the forum, until the next tournament ends.

  1. Lyrux (gamecenter jetman91)
    2.Shen_W00 (gamecenter: Shen_W00)
    3.jemnidad (Game Center jemnidad)
  2. Pitta93 (gamecenter pitta 93
  3. InsaneX (gamecenter InsaneX 25)
  4. Nati0n1234 (gc same as name)
    8.stevo3736 (gc same as name)
    9.Mason (gc Yugi5334)
    10.oxambivalenz (gc oxambivalenz)
    11.slycrg (slycrg)
    12.dwzrosy (gc: OoRosyoO)
  5. ArkadionChamp (gc: shizzyfab)
  6. Tiberius (gc: player12321232123)
  7. Cjsavage0 (cjsavage0)
    16.RowdyLilPit (gc: babyboi45)
  8. Tacos (gc:JakeM148)
  9. Bahiew (gc: bahiew)
  10. Micha14 (gc: bubblegum-)
    20.TO1000 (gc: TO100000)
    21: jayden (gc: …jayden)
    22: doom (gc: doomhunter!)
    23: zedy67 (gc: CAPTIAN.ZED)
  11. Bgibbons101230 (gc: Bgibbons101230)
    25:jtkgym (gc: jtkftw)
  12. ohhmikey (i think his gc is ohhmikey)

alright, i generated this bracket randomly, those stated below will automatically be entered into round 2.

(numbers correspond to the number next to your name.)

16 vs 17- dropped
8 vs 25- dropped
9 vs 24- Winner 9
13-20- dropped
12 vs 21-dropped
15 vs 18- winner 18
7 vs 26- Winner 7
10 vs 23- Winner 10
14 vs 19- Winner 14
11 vs 22- winner 11

round 2:

4 vs 5- winner 4
14 vs 6- winner 14
1 vs 2- winner 2
11 vs 3- dropped.




7 vs 4

10 vs 2

18 vs 14


Sign me up. Gamecenter is Shen_W00

Those are zeroes btw.

kk ill add you to the tournament

Add me please.  GC: Jemnidad

Count me in please!

Gamecenter: pitta 93

(note the space between the a and the 9)

Would it be best to cap it (depending on interest) at 16 or 32 (or maybe 64 or 128, who knows), to allow for a really simple elimination system?

I want to participate :smiley: gamecenter: InsaneX 25 (remember to put a space between the x and 25

Ill cap it it 32, and if there’s not enough people ill cap it at 16

sure, sign me up

Nati0n1234 Count me in on this one.

This sounds great!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that I’m strong enough at the moment. I’d still like to improve a bit first…I’ll try to join before the deadline though.

Add me please Stevo3736

Sign me up please Yugi5334
Note that by then I should have a great team

Not sure if I’ll enter as my team is not good enough…

I think I’ll sit out this one, but my final answer will come on Thanksgiving Day.

I’ll enter , oxAmbivalenz ( gamecenter

great idea! if the first one goes well, we can let everyone know about the next tournament via Facebook and perhaps arrange a prize?

Count me in: Gamecenter: slycrg/

That would be great!

(List updated)

Well, I’m still not that great…but I’ve gotten a lot better, and I expect to improve before it starts.

Sign me up! :slight_smile:


…I’m not creative, okay?

Add me Game Center name is cjsavage0

maybe we can have 2 tournaments? one with no limit and another with 8 star limit?