How was this monster obtained?



Such monsters without stars cannot be legimately acquired in the game. The person sharing this monster is definitely a hacker or is using a mod app.

Tbh though against the right player I bet that guy would still lose at PvP :joy:


He wouldn’t even be able to play PvP as his account would get banned :rofl:

fun fact tho; those tiny stats you see there are the actual stats they have in game, they just receive immense buffs when they’re used for boss fights. So even if they could bring them into pvp, they’d go down just as easily as a 1-2 star mon lol

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thats hilarious

They use a cheat version, and as far as I know, some people catch monsters in uc to win, then release those monsters, they have a good ranking, and have not been sealed, I have been writing with the official I hope to update their inspection mechanism, but unfortunately they did not pay much attention to what I said.:expressionless: