Cheaters / Hackers?

This is what my girlfriend saw a few minutes ago on her account… how is this possible?

Lvl 3? Omegamids are just available later.
So how could he evolve without omegamids?

I saw the same for a fews ago, but don’t understand how that could be happen? :flushed::roll_eyes::thinking:




I hope he gets banned :smiley:

This is very popular in this game. I saw a lot of players like the guy above.

Yes,and sadly the PvP is coming.hope they were banned before it.

I wouldn’t worry. If their skills are bad enough that they have to resort to getting their mons illegitimately, it seems unlikely that they would be skilled enough to know how to actually use them properly. Besides, I don’t think it’s actually possible to bring hacked monsters into pvp anyway.

Its speed is halved even though fully evolved = hacker except a few cases like drako where u need to retrained it

Last PvP some reported their Monster acted strange.they didn’t get turn,they attacked their teammate,…
All because of hackers

There are a lot of hackers in this game. Do we have any post in which we can report the hackers?

There is a pinned thread. Go post names there.

Next Cheater? I don’t know… my girlfriend see this now. :joy: Is it possible to get it now?


Cleary a hacker, just report them

I had send the support an mail. We will see what happens :blush:

It’s perfectly possible for someone low ranked to gain a legend and train it to its second form. What isn’t perfectly possible is swiping a monster that hasn’t actually been released yet, so yeah, FameSmilezz is definitely guilty. Troyboy and dragonlord seem legit though.

Yeah, I only mean FameSmilezz.
By the way… she has tested that monster:

Comes on the field, and it dies.

If they appear at the end of your friend list (near chrono & the 5* starters) they are probably hackers