HOW to get farther in UC

Is it possible to pass level 300 with these monsters? I really want to get higher rankings if i can. What strategies should I use?image

Oni and gear are your best chance of you can sleep lock them

Gk 300?
Use a frontline with Gear,stun revenge, stun revenge protector then 5th healer 6th sleep bomber, 7th jackal, 8th Flutterdrakeclover
Those stun revengers on front are the Duplicators not some monsters with HG, after they got stunned use gear repulse and sleeplock with youre SE

What solo said, plus you might be able to use Flutterdrake Clover in there too as a sleeper. Basically you’ve got to revolve around Geartyrant.

This is obsolete when the AI frontline has a stun absorber and at a certain level, your FL gets taken out in one hit anyways, so stun dublicators won’t even get their turn to duplicate.

If you don’t have Gear as a monster, things will even be harder.

Very true, but he was giving advice specifically for the gatekeeper at 300 I think. Also, if you’re only going to something like 300 then you have LOTS of attempts on the battles going up to there so you can basically create a strategy which relies on certain conditions then roll the dice over and over with who you encounter.

most of the gatekeepers are jokes. I could only imagine someone struggling at 2000. That being said, the gaps between the gk’s that are the real trouble

Ah, apologize then. I didn‘t catch the „gk“ lingo. Not too used to all those shortcuts.

As unown said gks are easy cus we can buid a counter team for it…
As for FL absorvers just use rare monster with knock back and problem solved…between gks its the hard part cus we found a lot of troll teams(sleep immune/NR-TT FL/stun immun FL etc) and my favourite one the idiots teams (bane and company

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I always wonder if they are in fact trolling . Or if they just don’t know how to play UC lol.

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My clanmate made a troll team after giving up climbing around level 200 and used just once, then Draco and I met that team within an hour around level 440. Apparently, devs intentionally select the teams based on certain monsters.

Ya I’ve had to roll the dice repeatedly to draw stunable teams. I’ve drawn a ton that were 3 stun immune and an absorber followed by another immune and another absorber.

I cant figure out why I dont encounter any UC teams - by that I mean the Remus, stun revenge, stun bomb FLs etc. For the most part its teams that seem to be general PVE or odd PvP.

Yea like where’s ss or Emmy or gear. It’s always trash

My new least favourite monster to encounter in UC is Nectareon. Each clone gets its turn in 50s and they’re a blood clones so are hard to kill. Oh I hate to see it! That and Oakthulu are massive counters to my team. I wish we could have a little “avoid list” of monsters we can not meet in opponent’s teams :wink:

i dont see any other way to finish uc (up 1000) without potent sleep and gear or polareon

but with that draft you can pass 300 if enemy draft kind with you


@Phoebe u are the one who rank 13 at uc right?
Haha i remember your name when we at the same rank, and now i left behind far away xD

With a ton of luck and good drafts Gear has no limits. But you need gold to make it work. I’m stuck at 340 (as I am every UC) because I have to rely on SE sleepers.

I can get to 1900-2000 without Goldtail, Geartyrant, Loch+Hunter, Polareon or Emeraldeus. The trick is death revenge + Aurodragon :wink:

Btw good luck with top 10 in the next few hours.

Shadow/loch emeral or shadow/loch gear can EASELY climb on UC to 1600++++ they are amazing sleepers both at +9 plus acelerated they are unstopable,no need for gtail
,with gtail becomes easyer true but still more riscky cus he has no hg…
1500gk is the hardest but only we need is to revive BB :wink:

Cryo and Gear can get you far. Just don’t run into Valzas or the new stun counter legend whose name escapes me at the moment