How to deal with Tenebris with roaring entrance?

As the title said, today event i encounter Tenebris with this ability which make him impossible to be killed. Every time i took down his clone the next one immediately breed new clone. Can anyone give me a tip to deal with him? Also i dont have any monster with Knock Back Next so please exclude that stragedy.

The devs need to test their shit ideas before they put them in the game. Tenebris was a cunt to deal with before and everyone complained and now they’ve done it again. Only way you can do it is to use the poison tick glitch which as long as you do the mission before 2030 then the glitch will still exist or use deathmark

Also nebelronix was pain to handle

None of my monsters have roaring entrance. I thought it was supposed to be the same on both sides?

It was easy,finished all 4 already

Great work devs,I like challenges like this

2 ways to beat raoring entrence dupes:

  1. Poison tick glitch - if a monster with HG dies from poison (after you grt him to holdground while poisoned), the next monster at the TU bar will get a turn before the roaring entrence. You need to time it well for it to work.

  2. Kill with a move that will also kill your self (like 400 mega bomb / 150 bomb by doom / bloodcrave that will kill you from damage recoil, etc). After you kill, make sure a shocking entrance is behind (or a normal stunning entrance). That way, after you kill your self, enemy will be stunned, so the roaring monsters who just entered wont get their turn.

We don’t like your kind around here


How did you pass third one?

You need to time a bloodcrave monster to die killing itseld and tenebris,and have stunner behind,so you and your opponent lose a monster,your opponent monster gets his turn but get stunned so it loses it,and then kill tenebris and done

Thanks it sound hard but i will have to try anyway. Lucky i got some bloodcrave monsters available

Devs just throw in monsters on that event they dont even know their movesets.they create then get money from them thats all they do…they dont play this game its oficial im pretty sure about that

The event is good and a challenge as not any team full of legends can do it
But a simple bloodcrave and leobolt can save you and win the battle
Was hoping for an ocarino from this but it isn’t the secret reward

Try to elemenat absorbers and stun immune,and when tenebris comes be sure bloodcrave is low at health and stun entrance in next

Don’t forget Doomengine

Tenebris + nebel at the end is hard to deal with iff poison glich/DR/glich wouldnt exist it would be impossible to be done…great job devs

Other way to fight tenebris which is a glitch I think is emeraldus not potted at all,hit one monster with death mark and wait for 200 sec,sleep is needed here but at 200 sec emerald gets the turn kills the monster and play before 2nd tenebris comes
So many possibilities


My issue is not with it being a challenge but with the only way of beating it being to exploit a glitch in the game. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

Poison tick glitch is actually not a glitch.
See Dev BRD’s post here:

After gear death sentence kills a monster, the incoming monsters dosent gets his turn,
So if you have goldtail, loch, shadowhunter, wraitcaptain, whose turn is up next,
They will get their turn before the roaring monsters who gets on field.