Post update - bug?

@Dev_VKC , searguard can’t counter scorpio now . It auto skips behind next monster . Might be due to auto poison in general .

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I fought against the first guy you sent the picture of haha

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What monster died before sear entered?

If something dies to poison tick as it goes to a monster’s turn then a roaring entrance monster will enter behind that monster. It’s been like this forever.

Is this what happened here?

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I’m almost sure this has never happened to me Cos I have played sear against scorpio always and he has always killed scorpio but now

Sear just skips a turn now.

In the first ss , it was lunartic .
Second it must have been bitterbeast.

Someone used a single attack on my Tenebris and it didn’t hit tenebris nor remove its stealth @Dev_VKC

Weird but idk if I could reproduce it

It must have been a false swipe

When a shielded monster kills tortogiest,tort just copies him in the team and the monster stay alive
@Dev_VKC fix this too

I tried this ysday, my monster got killed … :slightly_frowning_face:

In my case the opponent killed 2 of my monsters together tort and the payback Rockoid.

Yeah that poison tick hg thing makes roaring stop, was considered a roaring entrance counter

It’s obviously a bug . Never had this happen before . I happily killed Scorpio every time before this update . Why would people agree it’s a roaring counter …

It’s always been like this I don’t think it’s necessary for the devs to rework how poison tick works except for sleep

Wtf . Searguard is solid pick against Scorpio .

And it’s never been like this . I’m facing this after this update .

It’s always been this way that if you kill a poisoned hold ground monster the roaring entrance mon comes in after

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Wheres heavenswyrm

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Wow It’s camouflaged into the surroundings
True camouflage in action right there😂

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Still not been fixed