How much money have you spent trying to get legendary mons?

I’ve spent around 100 and got 4 legend mons. Is that any good?

Sounds pretty average. I’ve spent about $30 and gotten 4. I’ve opened a total of 70 eggs or so now, been playing since launch

i honestly spent too much but i was so hyped for pvp in this game that i wanted to be as competetive and skilled as fast as possbile. that resultet in spending much time and round about 200 euros. was worth it tho since i have 16 legendarys now and i started playing 1 month ago…oh shit i have no life^^

16 legendarys… dang lol

yeah i was pretty lucky! but on the other side u have guys like shomy who are just gods at the game and didnt spend any money thats more impressive imo

500+ lol.

I haven’t spent anything and have 3 legends.I’ll probably spend 30 for the next festival eggs if there’s a good legendary.

I spent way, WAY more then I should have, and now I have 24 legendaries… but 4 legendaries for 100 like you did actually seems quite a bit more than average, you were lucky… I went 0 legendaries for 30 spins at least 3-4 times…

I’ve spent 15 euros and with the eggs I hatched I got 3 epics and a 400 sec bomber super epic. Wasn’t worth it, so for the next festival I just used gems earned through the game and I got 2 legends. F2P is the way.

Obscene amounts :’(

I spent $3 to get two gems and rolled a egg. I managed to get a Cyberdrake from it.

Just $50 for all mine same as scruffi super lucky

what do you mean Neo is life

4 legends no money 1 crown.

$45 no legends from that, but got 2 legends from ingame gems. Very unlucky in this game but my super epic team is very good so i shouldnt complain too much.

I can back that up shomy is a damn beast at this game I feel sorry for anyone that has to face him in battle it would be a one sided slaughter

It would be cool to battle people with the exact same teams.

It would just be luck if roughly equally matched, whoevers front line went first, especially the team turner

Who says they get a team turner? Lol. I’m saying predetermined teams so you can see strategies better on the spot.

About 100 AUD and had 4 legends

Most people have a team turner… What, the same monsters in the same order? Or a different order? Not sure I get what you’re trying to say? You have to test a strategy against a variety of different teams to test the strength of it.

I see that. Haha! I’m saying it would be fun to have a pvp mode where both teams have the same exact 16 monsters, same order and all. Make them strong enough to where strategy is more important than the speed of who goes first off start. This would be a mode where you don’t get to use your monsters, just the predetermined set from the devs.

so like pvp count lectors? Sounds pretty fun