Kamiwyrm long term goal

So I was doing a little math about how long it would take me to get kamiwyrm. It almost adds up to a year of Daily playing is this what you guys were going for? I know kamiwyrm is super strong but a year for a monster is pretty long. If I play PVP for one hour a day straight and it takes me 5 minutes to find and finish a match (sometimes you can’t find a match for around 10 minutes) that means I can get around 12 games. I’m in expert league and if I win 10 out of those 12 I will get 4400 diamonds a day. Divide 960,000 by 4400 = 218.18 days to get a kami at my rate. I also know that playing with friends gives 777 but to get that many friends to play everyday around the same time isn’t really worth the little bonus. So I guess what I’m trying to say was kamiwyrm meant to be such a long term goal for an average user?

218 days isn’t a year. That’s only 60% of a year.

With that being said, yes, it does take a long time. But they’ll do periods of time with double or triple diamonds. And they may add more leagues with even better rewards in the future.

Well I can’t play ever day. And not everyone is in expert league so to be fair it could take more than a year. Also according to my record I win 10/12 which maybe some don’t achieve. I didn’t mean sound like exaggeration. But just was thinking 218 days at my rate is pretty long. But also like you said maybe the triple or double diamonds would help that a lot. Sorry if I sounded rude.
While I’m on the topic of how much I PVP i would like to ask anyone who reads this how much time do they spend on PVP?

I dont spend very much time on pvp. I finished all of the reward missions and have about 98% completion. i only need a galey and maybe one other to complete everything. I dont really like pvp because I encounter many players with egg only arkadions and they destroy me. I think that all monsters should be accessible without pvp or eggs, but that is my opinion. That being said, i play pvp maybe 2 matches every day.

I play around 5 PVP public matches a day. I’d do more if there is no risk of glitches.

I win swap a few times a day.

…and I battle Ashley about 5-7 times a day, depending on how busy we are. xD

Elder I think as long as you have the best monsters you can farm right now and just out play your opponet you will be able to do pretty good in PVP :slight_smile: I only have one egg exclusive monster and I win most of my matches only very few times I lose and that because the person outplayed me :slight_smile: hope to get more people into PVP
Watch out for Tiberius he’s a beast at PVP lol