How many diamonds do you have?

Just curious to see how im matching up in respect to how many diamonds every body has… Im just at 52k… With no egg arks :slight_smile:


Oh so im not doing too bad because i know you are a veteran of sorts to pvp!

Aye, 50k is quite good n.n



52k as well lol

226K :slight_smile:

Dang^ i just have 30k lol. Well 29k

24k :( 

Somewhere around 200,000, though I don’t PvP a whole lot.

Woah ashie… Thats ridiculous… Lol yeah i have now officially started pvping… I got a few egg arks now :wink: you can only guess what i learned how to do lol…

Umm…how to ride a unicycle?

Lol… Yesh! That and how to time the wheel…

I think that’s what he meant =P unicycle is a single wheel (maybe the wheel) =) that or just an odd co-wink-ee-dink.

On topic: coming up on 50k right now… I cannot wait for the 100k 300k and 900k bracket rewards.

37k now :slight_smile:

10k :frowning:

I hope there Will be more Leagues to get more diamonds in the future .

Don’t worry there will be =D it’s been hinted at by a few people. Don’t know how far out this is but it will come.

I think after the update