PvP Stats

Surprised that this doesn’t exist already. Post your PVP stats here!

Wins: 32
Streak: 11
Losses: 8
Diamonds: 10641

Wins: 156

Streak: 105

Losses: 33

Diamonds: 42,861

Lmao. 105. Now THAT is class.

Oh, and how do we rank up from Expert?

Btw, added a diamond category.

3 loses because of dang Don PenTheBoss

Wins: 115
Best streak: 14
Losses: 50
Diamonds: 45,424

Now I wanna try on ashley, how could you manage that high of a winning streak!?

Wins: 0

Best streak: 0

Losses: 0

Diamonds: 0

Lmao 0-0 xD ^

46k diamonds.
My id is adnyandy if any want to add me.