Need people to add for PvP

Hey guys I have an empty friends list and play PvP a ton. Feel free to add me: DropDoc

Or just add me ? EvanderHi Is the name on Gamecenter

Lol will do as soon as this match is over

Okay , then maybe we can do some pvp tomorrow 

Cool sounds good. I sent a friend request. 

Is the diamond reward for friend matches different than the leagues?

Diamond Reward for friends is 777. Master League is 500, Expert League is 400 , Veteran League I honestly do not remember, but Rookie League is 4 diamonds. But feel free to add me : Bluejays192

The Diamonds for friends is a thing u can only get once every 24 hour

i play all the time add me for battles.

My ID is Player12321232123…yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I get that a lot. n.n

Lol. I’m available for battles most of the time. If I am not responding, I’m probably away. Just shoot me a PM here if that happens~

Yeah add me
GC is karnos animus

Just checked this again. I’ll add everyone now :slight_smile:

Add me tajid73

If u need anymore there is a thread that Ashley made that contains alot of Gamecenter names