I can’t understand how the system works: do you get more diamonds every time you get a certain number of victories or what?

You should get diamonds every time you win.

As you increase in rank, you get more diamonds.

Diamonds are not currency - they are milestones. So don’t be afraid to claim your prizes along the way. :>

Did I make it clearer? Feel free to ask more questions, and we’ll try to help you as much as we can. :smiley:

I’m sorry if my answer wasn’t clear enough. What i meant was: you start by getting 10 diamonds for every victory, then 50, then 100 and so on… And i guess that is based on your rank. But how do you increase your rank? I mean, does it increase every 5/10 victories, every time you win 3 matches in a row or something else? Plus, can you decrease your rank? Because i just went from earning 400 to 50 diamonds per victory

Your rank is based on your wins/looses. The more wins and less looses you have, the higher your rank will be, although I am unsure of the exact numbers.

you mean it’s based on a win/loss ratio?

Yes, it is entirely based on your win/loose ratio.

And you do get knocked back down a league if you lose too much

So, what you’re saying is that basically you get 50 diamonds when your ratio is, i don’t know, 1.5, then 50 when it’s 1.7, 400 when it’s 2.0 and so on?

Something along those lines, yes.

I don’t want to look like the one who’s always complaining no matter what, but it doesn’t seem like a fair system to me, especially in these first days with the beta players destroying everything on their path with omegawyrm and other 10+ stars monsters. Wouldn’t a victory-based system be better? Like “after 10 wins you get X diamonds, after 20 wins you get Y diamonds…”, and every loss counts as -0.5 or something negative that doesn’t necessarily discourages the player.

Beta testers aren’t supposed to use those arkadions, so whoever you battled was probably a person who spent a lot of money on golden eggs.

Your system sounds pretty good, but I can’t offer critique because I’m not into PvP just yet.

The last time I checked, the system used was: three wins = +1 rank, three losses = -1 rank. You need three in a row in either direction to go up or down.

I believe they’re planning on using an ELO ranking system once they figure it out. I was going to help out with that but I wasn’t sure - they acted as though they had it figured out. 

I’ve got 33 wins and 12 losses, with a current streak at 6 but i’ve been stuck with 400 diamonds every victory for the last 10 matches. By the way, what’s an ELO ranking?

ELO ranking (rating) is where each player has a ranking, and your rank goes up or down in relation to the rank of the person you fight. So, for example, if I have a low rank and beat someone with a high rank, my rank will go up a lot higher. If I beat someone with a far lower rank than I have, it will go up a much smaller amount. 

The rank increases more dramatically at first and increases less as more fights occur. This is commonly used in card games. 

The beta testers are not supposed to be using them

There are people who pay to play and that’s where you’re seeing some of the rarer monsters

So we hope, anyway… 

I see omegawyrms, infernowyrms and other weird, powerful monsters pretty often. Either it’s always the same guy or some people spent a lot of money on gold eggs and bought enough of them to find those death machines.

A lot of those can be bought in the eggs, unfortunately.  All I can recommend is put a lot of time and effort in and you can get on that level too

How many new ones were added to eggs?

Pretty much everything except the cloners and the 'bots

EDIT: and the PvP rewards. Most of them.  Vegi is in the egg