How is this possible?

So I just finished the weekly mission. I took my time because I didn’t want to get the mission monster at all seeing how I’m was in pool b and wanted to save that minuscule chance of getting a mission ark for one I actually wanted.

From the comments on Facebook, people were saying all prizes had been claimed. But I got one of the handiwel or whatever the thing is! And I didn’t even want one!!

Has anyone had this happen?

U got a fusion material

Did you get the Handiwan or the Handiwel?

Also, as more and more people end up in group b, there are more and more chances for new players to get stuff in group a

No Jeanette, it wasn’t the fusion material. I wasn’t sure so I checked the ark in town and it was the fully evolved thing with Holyforce and life swap and it was an S rank haniwel
I had gotten the Minoblast ark from a few missions back, so I was already in the 1% pool b. So I found it really odd I got one!

The majority of them go in the first hour. I think they must keep some back though or have extras. After the initial group is gone it probably goes to something like 1% get a mission ark randomly.

If you were in Pool B and just got it then I have no idea how you got it honestly haha. The Hunter Island gods must have been pleased with you today eh? Regardless of why you got it though congrats! :slight_smile:

The exact same thing happen to me! I missed this one, but have most previous om monsters. So I finished this tonight and unexpectedly got an S rank handiwel being in pool B and finishing a few minutes ago. I don’t understand how it happened, but I’m glad it did

It also does not make sense since I am in Pool A (did not win any yet) and finished the mission in about an hour.  I also do not understand how they could say they are out of prizes with it is based on 10%.  How could they know how many people are going to enroll in the mission?  I love the game but the online missions are off including mission eggs constantly giving me crap monsters (I think I won 3 bluebirds in the last mission). If you have the weaker monsters already, they should not appear on the wheel like in DIB. 

They base it on the last mission’s participation, not the current mission.