How Hard is Pool B?

Ok, so today I was camping the start of the online mission and started it exactly at 5:00 EST. I did this because I got shadowstalker and knew I was in Pool B, which is obviously much harder. I finished the mission in about 35-40 minutes and did not get Haniwel. How fast do you actually need to finish the mission to win the prize in the 1% pool?


The numbers who actually play the event change from week to week

Yea I figured as much but I also thought that surely finishing well before the first hour would be fast enough… What’s the fastest you know of someone finishing?

well the 1% pool is determined from how many people finish the last mission in that pool so lets say if 1000 people finished the last OM in pool B (1%) then only 10 people will get the OM ark  in the next mission more people will need to finish the OM before it ends to increase the chances of getting the mission arkadion in the next 1 try getting 3 arks that can hit 3 opponents at once

That’s exactly what I did. Omega, Arkwing, Dreadwolf, Nilox, Plasmarex, and Angelon were my first 6 arks and I got all the way to the end with them.

sweet i use my omega, glazio, angelon and coldheart :slight_smile:

Did you get Haniwel?

Nope, first hour isn’t fast enough

To be honest, I’m really not sure

30 minutes was the fastest but that was during the Destructor mission

no I was in pool B and started around 2 hours after it was out

Damn I finished this one in probably like 37 minutes and didn’t get it lol.

Like i said, depends in the demand for it

Sometimes it goes faster, sometimes it goes slower

I don’t really understand the pools a and b.
So if you don’t do the mission quick enough you don’t get the Arkadion?

People in pool b got it upto 42 minutes after so maybe you took longer than you actually thought. I finished in 36 minutes with a silly mistake of pushing the home button and having to redo 5 floors. Lol

Pool a and pool b are different groups, pool b are people who have won a prize a haven’t

how it works is 1 percent of the people who perticipated in the last om is the prizes available for b
So example lets say 7000 people TRIED for gearwolf, doesnt mean they won, just means they beat the dungeon so 1 percent of that would be 70 so this mission would have 70 prizes for the pool b people and 10% of the 7000 who perticapated will make pool a so pool a will get 700 prizes, now im pretty sure the numbers are higher then 700/70 but that was just an example so do you get it now?

Didnt get it either

Much better. Thanks for your help!

every time i tried the OM i got my S-Rank Reward ( 20-30 min. is the time i need 2 finish)

That’s weird to hear from others that they completed the OM in 35ish minutes, I’m in pool B (got a Mossgolem a few weeks ago accidentally), and I finished in exactly 42 minutes (my gf timed me lol) and won one…

I’d be amazed if someone could finish the last 2 OM in 30 mins or less. You’d have to get really lucky with random levels.