Pool B

Just wondering, who is in pool B this week.

To those that don’t know, if you get the Triphoon from the fusion you are still in pool A.

I’m in pool B.

I’m in pool B

Pool A

Believe you meant triphoon.

I’m in it. No way I get the 1% this week now though bc I work sat. Took the last one off to get triphoon but I can’t keep doing that.

Perfect reason why the current system needs sorting. I actually think that they should do the events like they did with the chilli queen. And this weeks mission. But you get to do it over and over for a mission egg. If you’re a grinder, you will get it, if not then it’s your own fault for not putting time into it.

And yes to Crystal. I meant Triphoon. I’ll edit it now. I don’t know why, but I’ve been calling it Typhoon all week and I’ve been using it all the time too…

I still dont get pools. I finished the OM but only got an egg. Which pool am i in? And which pool should i try to aim for?

You are in pool A then. It means you have a better chance of getting the OM reward. When you win it, you will go into pool B.