Change weekly mission

I think the weekly mission prizes should be given after the mission is over. Then the top 1 or 10% depending on what pool you are in will be awarded the prize. That way it is fair to the people that can’t get on right away or are in a crazy time zone. Levels the playing field. Just a thought.

The OM arks are going to be released in the wild after the season is over, at least according to the devs and mods who repeatedly mention this.

But that doesn’t change how the OMs work now. It shouldn’t be a race. It should be the fastest 1 or 10% that finished that week. And that way it has nothing to do with the prior week.

I don’t recall anyone confirming that they’ll be released at the end of the season… just that they’ll be released sometime in the future. 

Now for this suggestion, isn’t that exactly what already happens? If you start days later, there were still a lot of people faster than you were (who went on earlier days). 

What if you are faster than them but started later? And all the prizes are gone?

Okay, so we’re talking about two different definitions of “faster” in this case. The current definition of “faster” is: beat the mission first. 

You’re suggesting to change the definition to: time the person from the start to finish, record the time it took. Then at the end, compare the times for each player and select the top fastest times. And give the reward to those people.

Is that right?

If so, that’s not actually a bad idea. Some cases would need to be handled, though. For example, what if the player keeps trying to get a faster time? Should that be allowed or should only the first time count? And what if more people than the required percentage get all the same time? (Unlikely but it is a case to consider.) 

Great point, I think that it should be first attempt only, or only allow one attempt. Just close it after they are done. As for same times, don’t really have an answer. I think you’re right, it would be pretty rare I think. Worth a shot though.

Oh I thought they were gonna be released after the season. Nvm. My misunderstanding. Still at least they are going to be released at some point.

lethal I thought that too

I swear it was confirmed by our lovely overlords while we were beta testing and later in chat from others who asked

Last time I talked with Lars he said they’ll be released sometime in the future, but said nothing about seasons. But just so we’re all clear, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe they said something to other people that I didn’t see. 

Determination of the winner after the event was over would not help the profitability of the game. Money is made from the losers buying the mission eggs. I had to do that to get the shadowstalker. If you had to wait a week to find out if you won the ark, the mission eggs would have to be available for the week following the OM.

A fix for that would be to have last weeks mission ark in the mission eggs instead of the current week. So you find out you don’t win the ark, then for the rest of the week that ark is in the mission eggs. It means mission eggs are always a week behind, but that would be a good thing imo. It means the people that finish the dungeon in the quickest times get the mission ark a week before the egg timers who don’t. 

Also in the situation where people finish with the same time THEN it should be decided by who finishes their time first. 

I like this idea as it makes it a bit fairer for people that can’t play at certain times.