EPIC Arkadions

I was just playing around in master PvP, when i found a person with these EPIC Arkadions:





I haven’t been able to see more, since he annihilated my team :L
Just wondering… where to get them?

  1. Those are coming in future missions.
  2. No one should be using those in PvP.
  3. That looks exactly like my team… but I’m not PvPing. I wonder who is copying my team.

Thats indeed Ash team haha, im so jealous

Maybe it’s Travis… but he should know not to do that.

Everybody knows but They still do it

Last time I fought someone with that lineups, they dced… has happened 3 times to me.

Most likely Travis Ash… Have a gf bf talk with him haha…

Would you be able to retrieve the GC name, White and send it to me?

what is a GC name? hopefully i have a screen, since i did some of them to remember Arkadions’ names :slight_smile:

GC name = Game Center name. (:

i guess not then. But is there a way to know it while fighting?

Maybe they are Hackers i fought now 5 Hackers in 4 hours -___-

I think the name was winvestor.

are you nkt supposed to use arks that havent been “unlocked” yet if u got em through gold eggs? Such as bloodclaw, snowja,frillzeon etc
On pvping I mean

If you got them in gold eggs you can use them yes haha.

Don’t worry gator, we are talking about arks that aren’t even in the eggs so NOONE should have them, not even a hacker could so it has to be a beta :confused:

I can assure you that it’s not me:)

I have none of the above arks. Mod can check my account though.

@Winvestor: That’s what I was saying about Game Center malfunctioning. Shows wrong names quite often.

Thanks guys I wus,getting a littke worried there!

another “EPIC” ark is astroleon who looks just like solaris from DIB~ if any1 can time eggs id definately go for him~ his chain holy attack only 130 tu hits 1000hp mark at like lvl 25 or so ( cant remember tht far back) and has rlly good stats