banned arks

Are there arkadions that are currently banned from pvp aside from kamiwyrm (already seen in another topic)?

There are a few Arkadions that are only avialable to Beta testers. Said Beta testers are not allowed to use them in PVP.

Do those arkadions have names or beta testers cannot tell them?

They do. They’re in a thread. Hang on, I’ll look for them.

thanks in advance

One is Guardian. Another one is Destroyer. I didn’t find the thread so I’m not entirely sure.

Anyone that has anything that they shouldn’t have are going to get banned in the next update, so mostly those that got Kamiwyrm before they were supposed to or by hacking will be removed by the next update

I hope that anyone considering cheating reads this and refrains.  It would suck to get banned from PVP, but frankly I have no sympathy for cheaters.  

I haven’t touched PvP yet, can anyone explain why Kamiwyrm is not avialable and what it is?

Kamiwyrm is apparently not available because it requires 960k diamonds and you can’t get that much legitimately in six to seven days.

If you played literally nonstop, 24 hours a day for a week at 5 minutes a run through in experts class at 400 diamonds a pop, you’d have 800k diamonds.

^ which is 160k diamonds away I must say

Exactly, there is no way humanly possible to get it in under 10 days, and thats almost 24 hours a day, so if they no life’d it, id say around 3 weeks to a month, not a week. Must be beta

yet shen is using kamiwyrm in his pvp team :stuck_out_tongue:


I was very :frowning: about being slaughtered by other people with S ranked Kamiwyrms.

But still…Bad Shen, Bad Shen.

Those guys will get banned from PVP so they will have shot themselves in the foot, and miss out on a bunch of future fun times.  the rest of us can laugh as hard as we want at them, when they come whining.

Come on now! Cheating is horrible…

BUT cheating a cheater is quite acceptable. I’m just glad i havent run into anything except anubis

They aren’t cheaters… That’s the thing… I don’t get it… There is no way to modify diamonds…

They have to be cheaters… There wasn’t any way to get that thing legitimately, was there? Or, like I said, it was beta testers breaking the rules. But if it was an S grade Kamiwyrm, then I doubt it. Beta testers got a B grade. I can’t figure out how anyone would legitimately have it so fast.