How do you beat Arkwing?

My arkadions are getting close to level 30 and I still can’t beat Arkwing! Is there some trick to it? Or do I need higher level arkadions?

My Arkadians are in the 50-65 range and mine still get destroyed by the Arkwing. I would skip that one till later, that’s what I’m doing at least.

Yeah, this quest is not for the level it’s given at, I had to come back with 50s and 60s Arkiadons and still had to get lucky to beat him.

I figured as much. Thank you!

Where is that quest taken? I almost finished the game and have not seen that quest before.

Try using stun strategies. Managed it around 40-50.

A bit off topic, but where does one find an arkwing? Or what are it’s lesser evolutions and where to find them? Thanks 

You can get an arky out of a gold egg, which evolves into arkwing.

There’s always 1 solution to beating a strong opponent:Level up.Try to get a bit higher,larger,and stronger team.

I disagree, I have yet to see Arky in an egg

Once you collect 101 unique Arkadions, You collect an Arky from Argamis

Really? That’s why I have 3… At least I am almost positive you can get it from an egg.

Ah thank you :slight_smile:

How did you manage that?

I seriously have not seen a single one in an egg

I have no idea how i would have 3 with them not being in eggs, maybe they were in eggs at some point in beta and i happened to get one.

I just beat him today. I would recommend using dracobane from flamogun.

I beat him as well try saving ur best three guys for last and try to have 5 top monster n split them up if u put them together they get k.o

Stun+ last stand strategy pawned him, i managed to kill him with glazio as my last monster standing, before glazio i have my squallfox use flashbomb and arkwing killed my gremknight with that much TU in him, last stand pawned him nevertheless

My strategy (takes abit of farming) is get any 2 monsters that knows haste, and pair it up with leviathan and raptorex, and after that do georex haste monster and flamogun so your party would look like this and X=haste monster

Leviathan X Raptorex
Georex X Flamogun
Any Dragons or starters or strong monsters you get from eggs to fill in the rest with a angeleon in there somewhere i recommend because it knows haste does heavy damage and heals other monsters

Having monsters with dracobane is one way.

My arkadions are getting close to level 30 and I still can’t beat Arkwing! Is there some trick to it? Or do I need higher level arkadions?

Arkwing is a totally ridiculous quest for Eldgard which is so early on in the game.  He gets enough bonus attacks to kill at least half of your lineup if not more in the first move…which he gets most of the time.

I was able to beat him with a lineup of mostly low-mid 30s, a few fully evolved 40-50s with my heavy hitters spaced out throughout my lineup and a massive amount of luck.  I saved my starter, Soltusk for the end for the chance to use his last stand ability.  I also spaced out some Arks with the Gaurdian ability since in my experience if you use Gaurdian, Arkwing is more likely to use a single target attack versus his 3-hitter attack.

This was the lineup I used when I beat Arkwing:

Don Penguini (S) L49, Knighthawk (A) L42, Bouldon (A) L37, Duskroc (S) L35, Scorchtail (D) L30, Deletroid (S) L39, Coldheart (A) L54, Georex (A) L45, Pengboss C L33, Dullakhan B L27, Stegotops (A) L42,
Raioh B L34, Deletroid (A) L26, Blazerunner (A) L29, Firequeen C L36, Grizzrex B L25, Blockadus (A) L18, Scorchtail (S) L34, Breezehawk (D) L36, Soltusk (A) L49, Tombguard (A) L30

My main tactic was using low TU attacks and support abilities first like Gaurdian and Haste, so my Arks would get extra turns before Arkwing and making it more likely I would get a chance for bonus actions and using high TU attacks with my heavy hitters right before Arkwing’s turn.  The only real “combo” strategy in my lineup was the Firequeen’s Offspring (summons a Fireworker to end of your lineup) with Grizzrex’s Throw which was determinate on them both being in play at the same time.  My Grizzrex managed to kill Arkwing with throw.  This took quite a few repeated battles, many of which I got Arkwing down to one single hit before being killed repeatedly.

Tombgaurd was at the end so Don Penguini could use him for Throw.  I also detonated my Bouldon after using Chain Burst first.

So you don’t need a team of 50-60s to beat Arkwing, you just need to time your attacks and resist the urge to use your highest TU attacks first…and luck that Arkwing doesn’t get like 6 friggin’ bonus attacks in a row…which he did quite a few times before I managed to beat him.  I used the Scorchtails’ Bite right after Arkwing’s turn which did a lot of extra damage (damage bonus based on enemy’s TU) as well.  I saved the high TU attacks on my Arks’ last turns or if it looked like they weren’t going to get another chance to use them.  I basically killed Arkwing with all the extra bonus attacks I got.  Even my B’s and C’s got some bonus attacks.