Planning to play PvP soon, help please~

I’ve just recently finished the storyline (including pretty much all missions), and I’m preparing to PvP soon. There isn’t a very informative wiki in which I can do full-fledged research, so I guess to find out things, it’s either trial and error or asking you guys. I decided to try both.

Getting to the point, I only have 2 questions I want to ask.

First: What arkadions are really good in PvP? Wait, that question might be too general. Lemme rephrase it. Do these arkadions have a chance in PvP (not together, no strategy yet), and if not, then what arkadions are generally regarded as excellent in PvP?

Arkwing - Angelon - Luxknight - Shadowlance - Omegawyrm - Raijin - Gremknight - Nilomoth - Barricadus - Starter fusions (probably not) - Chopperbug - Vulcaraptor - Nilox - Mechadino - Plasmorexspam? - Wyrms without fusing into Omega

Second: What are the best- or the decent strategies out there? (I’m mostly planning to devise my own unexpected unique strategy, but I need something to at least learn about PvP)

<please don’t include things like stunlocking or other boring ways>

Third, quick, bonus question even if I said I’d only ask two: How to finish online missions quickly? I tried doing the current mission, I got three mandrapods but because I didn’t grind much (I hadn’t fused my vento and hydro yet, I didn’t have arkwing nor omegawyrm, and I didn’t have a single plasmorex), I pretty much couldn’t get any more. Eh, better than nothing, I guess.

Please don’t include past OM or gold egg exclusive arks. I’m really unlucky at them. (I only ever get the things you easily get in-game when I spin eggs. If only there was a way to make me lucky or good at spinning eggs…)

For the 3rd-Shadow Method.Look it up

For the first-Halopard is good,Raioh is generally better then raijin actually,Typhon and Magma are good.Don Penguini has showdown and chain beak,its pretty powerful too.

You can add me on game center. I’ve too finished the story and I’m already on pvp. I’m sorry if I have read this too late but just in case here is my GC: bustaa_alex Thanks!

No necros please