Cannot get close to defeating the arkwing! Got some strong arkadion with 5 in the 50lvl range, 1 in the 70lvl range 4 in the 40lvl range and one that’s level 30! Any tips?!

Get some of lvl 99 , do some side quests and training first and then go back and defeat it at ease

I did it with a party of arks mostly in the 50’s one or two in the 60’s and likely a few in the 40’s. I made big use of attacks that are strong against dragons like Raptorex and Flamogun’s Dracobane. Also had Don Penguini’s Showdown at the very end.

Yeah I would attempt that side mission again once your monsters are around 60+ :slight_smile: good luck buddy

Stun skins at the beginning (e.g. Sanders), then plenty of flash bombs (e.g. thunderfox), then time strike (e.g. Voltiger). One hit KO.