How do I report a mod using beta arks in random pvp matches

I played with a mod with the person using a beta team (with cyro, kami, guardiron, etc) and unfortunately for this person he lost.

I know who he is because he is under the latest player I played with through Game Center.

I believe you can only use beta arks only for invite only pvps as clarified by the post I see in the chat room.

I don’t mind playing them but using these arks in random matches is totally unacceptable and unfair to people who plays without them. This is different for invite pvp which we know that they are using a different team

I would like to ask admin the consequences of this behavior

That was me and I apologize that I found you

I’ve been doing some hacker patrol myself and followed Ashley’s example

These moderators aren’t hurting anyone. They’re helping anyone who doesn’t h a c k by giving them free diamonds. And there’s no issue with the monsters being out in the public because they’re clearly available on the wiki anyway. No surprises there.

So I think provided we don’t harm any legit players out there, there are no issues with this. And we don’t. We only go for the people who are clearly hackers. If there is doubt, we disconnect. 

@ashley this is going to be my last post.  i am deeply disappointed with the recent chain of events and these are my responses.  i will go back to fighting games after this and i have nothing more to achieve since i have beaten a team filled with the game’s 12* and 11*. sorry if i am harsh on the comments.

The last fight I had with Dead is no where near what u mention.  the final few turns i was down to Don. Omega has his turn and Don was next.  Omega did Vengance.  If he has the intention to disconnect, he would have done so, my don was down to 55 HP after vengance.  Since we fought a few times before, u knew my lineup and no way it can be h a c ked.  I dont even have an egg only arkadion or OM ark.  My S filled team is done through blood and sweat farming.  Free diamonds? i dont think getting 200 diamonds is considered free. 

just because the arks are known on wiki makes it legit to play. ask the people on this forum how they feel when they battle your beta arks on random.  we spent hours/days/weeks just to get omega and betas get to use essentially the whole star studded lineup without much farming and in advance?  i love to battle your team to improve my game play but there should be a limit to how the beta arks are to be used.  i agree with your initial policy that it is limited to only invite pvp.  if you are policing, i would have no qualms if the disconnect was performed but clearly it was not and it was done with an intention to win.  it doesnt matter even though i won in the end.

further, since admin like both mod posts, i am under this impression that he is condoning such behavior.  Lars this is your forum and game.  you can do what you want and give out warnings as and when you or your mod decide so.  i check with the terms of use and i dont think i should be given a warning but hey this is yours and u are free to do what you want.

further i will give out some points here for people to decide what is right or wrong. 

  1. i got a warning and an accusation of “abusive behavior” and “h a c k” when i was just asking people to form a club to dc daily.  Did this actually happen? Did i alter the iphone/game settings?    Most of the matches i played on that thread were trading wins.  something which i was taught by the mods.

Your mods are doing the same thing and did they get a warning? Some forum users even admit to trade wins did they get a warning? 

worst of all. no apology from the mod who did the accusation.  i may take advantage of the system but in no way was i cheating or h a c king or abusive

  1. Using beta arks in random with an intention to win against legit players.  i rest my case with my points above

  2. i was promised a feedback from admin and one of the mods.  it has been more than a week and no response.  typical corporate like structure to sweep issues under the carpet.

  3. a certain egg timer specialist amassed 100k+ worth of gold.  why not give that user a warning as well for taking advantage of a system that gives so much gold.

  4. i dont have evidence but betas/cheaters using their star studded arks to run through OM weekly missions denying legit players from getting it

  5. no clear evidence as well but Betas/cheaters using OP arks to run through the deepest floors of infinite and getting Gold eggs and musical scores. 

personally i dont mind the points listed above but the double standards on treatment to fellow gamers is something i cant accept.  like i said before, if the game allows for it without alteration, it is good to go for me.

i have finished my ranting. Lars u have a great game but the forum , double standards and the policies killed off my interest for the game.  i am proud to say that i have defeated a beta team using a team of minnows which proves that stun is indeed the only way to win OP now if you have low rank arks like mine. 

thanks for saving me the time to play pvp for kami

mods wise

Thank you Ashley for the PvPs.

Kooka for the likes

shen for the profile pic

blix and jemni for the late night chats

also to all my friends on the chatroom. 


From my perspective, I’ve disconnected every time I’ve fought a non-hacker. That’s how I’ve always done it. So how do all the people who fought my monsters feel? They got diamonds from it. And they weren’t hurt by it.

In your case, Deadpool already apologized for letting the fight go that far. I don’t see why it’s so hard to accept the apology.

As for your points:

1 - has this not been cleared up yet?

2 - this is not what we do. That’s simply untrue. Just because Deadpool let the fight go that far doesn’t mean he wasn’t going to disconnect.

3 - about what? Can’t help you without specifics.

4 - that exploit wasn’t using the forum like yours was.

5 - is that a guess? I, for one, have not. I modified my team in advanced.

6 - true. Is this hurting you? Is it a big deal that I’m ahead in the dungeon at the moment even though you know you’ll be able to catch up?

A lot of this stuff is discussable. If you don’t agree with a warning that was given, we can talk about it. If you don’t agree with what we’re doing, we can talk about it. We’re only human and we’re not perfect either.

We can work things out. But it’s much harder to do when you’re so aggressive about it.

Deadpool even sent you a message so that we can figure these issues out, but you won’t even participate. You’re too set on quitting just to prove a point.

We’re not improving things this way!

About the daily dc people already used to do that in the chat if I recall and it did include some of the more active mods in PvP so I don’t really understand why there was a fuss about the post ? But then again I’m sure every one had their own reasons to it and that they were good ones. I didn’t follow the story from the start so don’t know much about it…

Also I don’t understand why use beta arcs against hackers… They’re going to be taken care of anyway… So I don’t see what’s the point ? Doesn’t it just bring risks of fighting a legit player ? Wouldn’t it be better to just use them in invite and not go “hacker hunting” ?

For most points about PvP I do agree and it’s why I’m staying away from it at the moment.

I feel like until the arks that are (at the moment) gold egg exclusive and those that are/were in an Online mission aren’t released into the wild, I would be held back and at a disadvantage to players who used a lot of gold eggs and those who cheated. Even though it doesn’t mean you can’t win.

But since they will eventually be available to everyone and cheaters taken care of I’m waiting until that happens to PvP :smiley:

But for sure quitting the game doesn’t really help. For sure it shows your disapproval but most people from the “staff” are quite open in this game to comments and change and that’s quite a rare thing. We should all take care of that kind of situation and keep things calm and civil. That way we can keep a game community that has contact with the admins and ways to discuss with mods that won’t become closed to any opinions.

HI GUYS!!! Sorry just wanted to lighten up the mood ^^

lets hold off on hacker patrol for now. since its clearly causing problems. we will get rid of them in the next update anyways.

I have also meet with the same match ups as above and I’ve found the exact same circumstances they don’t dc. They attempt to finish you.

I assumed perhaps it was an isolated incident but I vsed the same person twice and appears its an on going problem. Simple saying your hacker patrolling seems to be like the broom pushing a mess under a rug. Will I stop play no! But if you have made rules policing them is essential for the fairness and longevity of the game.

@admin, no problem.

Sorry to anyone who was hurt by it, it wasn’t ever intended!

I fought dead once but he dc. Wish he would have stuck in woulldve loved to fought his line up but thanks anyway dead

I’m sure you can still ask him and do an invite PvP with him :smiley:

As long as you’re ok with what arcs he can use :slight_smile:

im fine with anything. Cool seeing some of the future arks

I think that betas such as myself should not use unobtainable arkadians until it is available to everyone so until then we should not use them in the actual pvp section only in battles where we are invited by a friend or someone who does not mind. 

As for using these monsters just to defeat hackers well the hackers will be taken care of when the update comes out and we don’t need to worry about them. if they want to hack so be it but they will be punished in a few weeks when it gets fixed and they get banned from the online part of the game. 

We Betas were not even supposed to be able to keep all the unreleased arkadians to begin with Ryan and the other Admins just did not get the thing working correctly to have it removed from everyone and so they just let us keep it. But that does not mean we should use them against players in the pvp. It gives a very big unfair advantage. 

This game is here to make it fun for everyone and a Challange but if we keep on using unfair arkadians against legit players it won’t be fun for them afterwards once they run into our arkadians over and over again. Sure for the first time would be cool to see the Arkadians that will be out eventually but overall it is just unfair and we betas should not use them.

Even if we are taking a loose and disconnecting that kind of defeats the purpose then does it not? if you are going to pvp you want to win and get diamonds. so if the excuse some of us make is that were just looking for hackers is quite silly because as i mentioned earlier they will be dealt with soon in the update coming up. 

The pvp is meant to be a challange where everyone uses arkadians anyone can get and face eachother and see who can win, who has a better strategy and etc. 

So if us beta testers do not use unreleased arkadians and only use the ones that are released the game will be much more fair towards the players who spent lots of time gaining the arkadians they have and taking them to pvp. Sure again you can argue that you are disconnecting and giving them the win but i am sure they also want to feel satisfied by defeating you themselves and not just getting a win because you give them the win.

This is my opinion on all this. We should all play fair and make it enjoyable for everyone and not cause drama like this any further.

If we do use our unreleased Arkadions in public PvP but disconnect for people who are legit players, then we’re not actually using an unfair advantage in a way that would hurt other players. 

Therefore, I don’t see any reason for not being able to. 

However, because some people make a big fuss even if we disconnect for them, I suppose we might as well hold off… even though those people did not lose a thing for it. 

well maybe they want to achieve a win themselves and not just because you give them the win. Therefore fair team is needed in those cases

They can do that with all the other PvPers out there; if the occasional beta tester comes along looking for hackers, I don’t see why they wouldn’t understand.

But I guess not everyone thinks the way I do :slight_smile:

Actually i don’t understand. Can’t the beta testers look for cheaters WITHOUT using beta arks themselves?

It’s more the extreme advantage beta testers have- non-beta have little hopes of being able to compete for a long time. You guys get guaranteed the Event monsters, given your teams use Beta-Arks that allow you to run the Event dungeons much faster than normals (I trust some beta to play fair, but not all). And I’m still waiting for Lars to do something to limit the extensive egg-timing-abuse of Tiberius and co., limit all the PvP trading (which is way out of hand), and take away the hackers (which he’s doing, and I’m grateful for). 

These are all Lars’ decisions to make. Also, I recognize that beta players worked *extremely hard* to make the amazing experience I enjoy every day. But the above grievances are owed a little discussion… I’ll be fine either way, and continue to love the game, but it’ll take a long time for non-beta to be competitive at the highest level. Which is fine by me if that’s what the developers want. :slight_smile:

Above all, we have to always be civil- and I have the utmost respect for Ashley and Deadpool, who are outstanding members of the community. 

I just want to make this note: we’re actually not allowed to use the unreleased monsters in the event dungeons unless they’re already out. If we do, we’ll get marked as a cheater and will be banned after the update. 

We also won’t even be allowed to use them in random PvP after the update. I was only using them temporarily to try to take out some hackers. But again, I was disconnecting for absolutely anyone who isn’t a hacker to be fair. 

And yes, we can go after hackers without using beta monsters, but then we’re on the same level as they are and have an equal chance of losing (well, perhaps, though some of us may use strategy better!). I wanted to annihilate the hackers. They really anger me.