How did you get your nickname?

I’m always very curious about nicknames.  There’s a story to what we call ourselves, and I’d be really interested to hear how you got the name you go by.

My story for going by the name ‘QuadRaptor’ goes back to roughly 1997 or so.  The first computer video game I ever got was Quake 1.  I played that game for at least 12 years.  Anyway, when I first started playing, Jurassic Park had recently come out and I was obsessed with Velociraptors.  So my original nickname on Quake was ‘Raptor’.  However, there were some players on there that kept asking me stuff as if I was a friend of theirs.  Turned out there was another Quake player that went by ‘Raptor’, but named after the F-22 Raptor jet rather than the dinosaur.

So I was trying to think of how I could make my name more unique.  One of the powerups in Quake is called ‘Quad Damage’.  So I put ‘Quad’ and ‘Raptor’ together, and there you go.  It’s been my nickname for about 16 years now XD

So that’s my story.  How about yours?  How’d you get your nickname?


I went through five or so different names

Then I picked Deadpool

I felt comfortable with it

And the rest is history

PREDleader= Predator+leader.  


I get called joker a lot, apparently I have a rather insane smile, kinda like the joker, and it almost never leaves my face… So yeah…

Very simple: Zoroark is one of my favorite Pokemon.

I’ll explain why.

  1. It has one of the greatest designs I’ve ever seen.

  2. Zorua was my first shiny EVER. I’m waiting until PokeBank comes out so I can transfer my shiny Zoroark.

  3. It guided me through Black and White and it was probably my most reliable and powerful team member.

  4. It’s ability, illusion, disguises it as the last Pokemon in your party. I’m really fascinated by illusions. Also, I love disguises :smiley:

  5. Competitively, it’s one of my favorite to use. It has a super-high Special Attack and Speed, with equally good Attack. It learns many, many useful moves. I can’t make a UU team without Zoroark.

infernape is still my favorite pokemon though guys don’t freak out

Mine probably has the least amount of imagination: Sly+ my initials
Even though people think crg stands for ‘Craig’…or say it like it reads when it’s meant to be read as Sly C R G

I actually pronounce your name, Sly, with syllables that I can’t verbally utter. I always read it in my head… if that makes any sense.

My name? Least creativity as well.

I went by Kookaburra  a while before because they were among my favorite birds, but everyone who knew me by “Reset”, another username I go by, still called me that, so people got confused.

I took Kooka, my most common nickname, and fused it with “reset,” dropping the “re.” And that’s how I got Kookaset.

I have a more creative name, but it’s sort of private, so I didn’t get to use it. :frowning:

Kilted -  Well, I’m from Scotland and our national formal dress is the Kilt so yeah…

Cobra   -   I really like reptiles and Cobras are the awesomest. The Shelby Cobra is also one of my favorite cars and so it suits me doubly.

Mine probably has the least amount of imagination

I’m quite sure that would be MY forum name… 

Yeh I can’t argue with that hahahaha

Well my name is a little more complicated, the first part “Shen” is a sort of a play off the word “Sensei”. One of my friends I was teaching Jujutsu to decided to call me Sensei, and I was like… K… So at at that point I was Sensei W00, but I wanted to shorten it up a tad, so I chopped the last three letters off. Then I was Sen W00

But to me, and my friends that looked weird. So we morphed it a bit into Shen, which is equally Japanese and pronounced the same.

As for the last part, it’s simple, fist 3 letters of my formal last name, replacing the “o’s” with “0’s”

Nice guys, really interesting stuff!

Zoroark, you reminded me of one of my other nicknames for a while.  In addition to QuadRaptor, I also went by Gyarados316.  I was on a Pokemon RPG forum and my character on there was a water-based gym leader named ‘Gyarados’.  Happened to be one of my favorite Pokemon at the time, and I added the ‘316’ part because at the time I was watching WWF/WWE and was a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fan.  So that’s a reference to his ‘Austin 3:16’ bit.


Raffy: It is what my aunt calls me, my real name is Rafael

Taffy: yummm it is good

12: December (Birth month)

01: First (Day of Birth)

Well I picked moderator, but the real mods told me it would maybe confuse the people, so I switched to Heiseberg cause Its awesome

Mod Edit: Please don’t swear on the forum.  Thank you. :slight_smile:

manic (unsleeping)  + Evil(well not good)  + ha (as in funny)= an anagram for my first and last name. i took the ha out because well it looks weird.

I used to play a game called the World of Magic, and I’ve been using this name ever since, because it’s what I named my very first character…I don’t have the slightest idea why I picked it though

Wooaahhh, I played World of Magic too! I think my username was Scarf or something, but I forgot. Maybe it was Scarff. Or Scarrf. I don’t really know haha

for me, in geomon i combined two monsters, leo and lennox, and dubbed it lyrux and made a story to go along with it. you can find the story in my hello topic here

What server kooka? :0 Devilang forever! I still play when I can find the time…

I like numbers and maths so I just chose 10 numbers and put them all together