Suggestion: Nicknames

Hey everyone, I had already discussed this in chat the other day and I just feel like this a very good thing to implement. Nicknames add value to your monster because it can feel unique to you. This idea of nicknames should’nt be too hard to implement and code. Of course, there’s a big, big problem and that’s nicknames in PvP. There has to be a filter somewhere to censor out the bad words and even then, there’s always a way to get around it. If “Arkdadion” was a bad word, there’d probably be people with names like _4rk4di0n__ or something like that. I just thought it was a nice idea. If nicknames on PvP end up being REALLY a problem, there’s always the choice of disabling nicknames for PvP and use the normal Arkadion name. I am against this solution though. Post your opinion! What do you think? Would nicknames be worth the length of coding it?

I want nicknames. I really, really want nicknames.

But if the cons outweigh the pros, I don’t mind if they never get implemented.

I like your solution idea - personally, I believe it’d be very, very awesome if I could name my personal arkadions and use “nameless” arkadions in PvP (because of naming issues).

I personally do not want nicknames at all, because I have absolutely 0 creativity when it comes to naming things. With that being said, I think it’s a great idea for players in general. 

As for the names issue, a filter would be good. I think it would also be good to get moderators involved in this area. (Or, yes, just use the default name for PvP). 

I apologize if I’m misunderstanding, but you wouldn’t have to name your arkadions if I understand what’s being suggested. It’ll probably be just a little button on the top that lets you rename it.

Right. I suppose I should have worded that better. I don’t want the feature as in: I don’t care for it because I wouldn’t use it. But it’s great to have if other people want to use it!

Great idea.

Oh, alright ^^; 

There’s another way to prevent bad words, but it dramatically decreases creativity and would probably be more coding.

Have a list of words to choose and combine.


list: tree, sun, water

You can choose as many words as you want, like treesun or watertree or even waterwater. Though I think the entire point of having nicknames is allowing us to be creative with names.

You can also forbid special characters/numbers. So if arkadion was a bad word, you couldn’t do _4rk4d10n_. Otherwise it will be stopped by the possible filters.

But then… there are other languages to be considered.

Not a big fan of suntrees.

I’d rather have a Dovahkiin (Dragonbane monsters like destr), Paarthunax (omegawyrm), etc.

I would name my arkadions things like “Rakastava” as well, so I feel you.