The Rating Game

inspired by Geomon

Hey guys! Let’s play a game! I love games!

Basically, you post. Then someone after you has to rate your:

Signature (if any)

Out of 10. Please give a sentence explaining your rating. Here’s an example.

A: 9/10 I like it. Combines with your name. But I can’t see it too well.
U: 7/10 Its pretty creative! A little bit too long, and i don’t like numbers, though.
S: none

Let the game begin!

poster below me starts by rating me, by the way

I remember this!

Username:  7/10. Goes well with your avatar, but it’s already a word/name used by a Pokemon.

Avatar: 8/10. Zoroark fits nicely into the box, but the blue hairband looks out of place. The top also blends too well.

Signature: N/A

Username: 7/10. I’m assuming you’re from Australia or at least have a interest

Avatar: 8/10

Username: 7/10. I like deadpool but i kinda don’t like the name Deadpool. It’s alright though.

Avatar: 7/10. It’s a little hard to see but it fits with your name a lot.

Username: 8/10 Came from Pokemon, but Zoroark’s cool so :stuck_out_tongue:

Avatar: 9/10 I like the black border around zoroark and the flames behind it 

Username: 6/10. Pretty nice, and I will never stop thinking of you as Doom, but I know a lot of other Dooms as well.

Avatar: 10/10. To be honest, it’s one of the nicest avatars I’ve seen on here.

And Deadpool: I am not Australian but I do have an interest. I would love to visit someday. 

8/10 - minus 2 points for ripping it off a BIRD!!!

Avatar: 8/10 - looks good, but picco…? Wat…?

Sig: 7/10 - idk… Again with the picco…?

Username: 8/10. I don’t like underscores, but otherwise I love it.

Avatar: 6/10. Cute, but I guess I don’t like meme-y profile pics? Nothing against memes, though. I use them all the time.

Signature: N/A

Piccio was my favorite “monster” on a game called Geomon, but it shut down.

And I like birds… so what if I name myself after a bird :’( you won’t call a girl named Lily for ripping it off of a flower will you?!

I absolutely would call Lily a ripoff :stuck_out_tongue:
My username has and underscore because most sites don’t allow for spaces in the name and a dash is also somewhat disapproved of on some sites, namely steam (which is where I first had this) so I wanted it to be the same everywhere…
And well what can I say… My profile pic was because of the first real attention grabber pic I posted and used to start the “waffle wars”

Haha xp

Well, I suppose you are right. If I have an avatar with good memories I’d use it regardless

Username:8/10 i like it, although lost two points due to underscore.

Avatar: 10/10 i like memes.

Sig: n/a

My username and avatar a based off of a character i made in geomon, a hybrid that i created. If you wish to read the story, its on my hello thread:

Again, I say the underscore was neccissary!!!

Name: 9/10 - pretty original, never seen it before.

Avatar: 8/10 - it’s nice, but unless you zoom it, it’s hard to tell what it is.

Signature: 7/10 - I love it, but you are confusing the newbies with the fact that it’s says “JJchen1”

Name: 8.125/10 Doesn’t really relate to your real name but it’s something memorable and I’ve never seen anything like it. The underscore helps too IMO

Avatar: 9.001/10 It’s a cat, I like cats.

Signature: Simple, minimalistic. Also, doesn’t exist.

It actually does relate to my real name a little, as it was the nickname my Sensei have me when I was training in Japan, as the “W00” is what it sounded like when he tried to call me by my last name “Woodside”, and I am going to make a signature tonight.

Name: 9/10 - fits your location well, being Scottish and all.

Avatar: 8/10 - I like it, it’s a little hard to see, but fitting

Signature: 8/10 - it’s funny, but doesn’t really relate to you.

Name: 9/10, its nothing common so sticks out, the underline helps there, and its easily simplified for chat.

Avatar: 4/10 because cats are not really rare on the internet.

Signature: appearantly in a void somewhere, so cant rate as Im not in that same void.

Username: 7.133•/10 Definitely easily identifiable but awkward to shorten, Blix? Blixt? The Right Honourable Blixtya the First?

Avatar: 7.133•/10 Identifiable but the orange bar on the left is kinda like “Wut? Y?” Haha

Signature: 9.999/10 Very cool but the black background looks funky and I don’t know if it’s off putting or appealing and so my brain implodes in a black hole of confusion so yeah…

Username: 9/10 Very creative and I like cobras. :3

Avatar: 7.5 Took me awhile to realized the cobra had a kilted design on it, still looks good though. :smiley:

Signature: 10/10 That quote changed my life.

Username: 10/10, perfect.

Avatar: 8/10, very nice! But I liked your previous avatar better.

Signature 9/10. I love the dragon’s art style, but I believe it’d look better when your name in a similar style.

U: 8/10 Seems original. Knowing you, this is probably the name of some Australian bird or something.

Original, no. But it is a bird, yes. I’d change it to something more identifying, but people would start to wonder why I did.