New name for me?!

Hello there,

My normal game name is Jeannette ( name of my Mother ) but As I am a collecter I want to change my name in something collecterish … Do u guys know a good name?

DaHoarder? :wink:


Lol yeah Verzamelaar is Dutch for collecter but it isnt quite a good name

Maybe something like LimitedEdition ?

How about simply the Collector?



Collectaar?  (Dutchish form of Collector)



Verzavault?  (mash of Dutch name and vault)

VaultMaster sounds pretty good

Dude just go with what YOU feel like is the best choice. I didn’t open a thread to ask what my new name should be, I chose Zoroark because it’s one of MY favorite Pokemon out there. People have different opinions and they’re all unique!

Yeah but THE prob is if i would name my person it would be '. ’ im completly blank About a name

Don’t worry, there’s a nice list of Arkadions that you can use in like three days

To use to look for a name

Be more creative then. You gave yourself a suggestion on this thread too. “LimitedEdition.” Use it of you like it.

Sometimes bouncing ideas off other people help, Zoro.

Creating a new identity is a hard thing, especially when its what you’re going to be known by for a long time

This forum has the option to change your own name whenever you want but most don’t.

I personally went through 10 different names before I settled in Deadpool

It’s like finding a pet or a significant other. It has to work otherwise, you’ll be unhappy.

Some people can switch easily and others need help.

Jeanette would like some help. Let’s be nice and help, yeah?

Thanku deadpool , Infer I expected a different reaction from a fellow OLd moderator

But my reaction wasn’t negative at all. I was trying to encourage you to be more creative, which is basically constructive criticism.

Anyways, if you REALLY need help, go with Versavault

Remind me to see if we can add emoticons or something because the internet is socially awkward and doesn’t understand social cues

Believe me I tried a lot

I tried THE name collecter in diff languages but its just not right when i see THE name

It really depends on how to word things. Throw in a “okay?” and a “ya know?” and a “or something” and it gives a feel of casualness and friendliness to the post.


It’s good, but I think you need to improve. The border is too thick and the colors are too dull. 


It’s good, but I think you can make it better! The border might be a little too thick and the colors seem too dull, if you know what I mean?

Which one sounds more friendly, to you?

But yeah, sometimes emoticons are really helpful. I can’t imagine the internet with emoticons, haha. Or shortcuts (whatever they’re called) like “lol.”


Jeannette, my piccio collecting account was Collettore. That’s Italian for collector. You can use it if it strikes your fancy.

Maybe we should avoid using “Collector” if you feel it isn’t a good fit.

Then again, that’s all I personally know about you.

Maybe a rare Geomon or a rare Arkadion?

Jean, what’s your favorite Geomon? It’s not gonna be your new name I just wanna do something.