Hi fellow hunters

G’day all my fellow hunters…
I’m new and just seeing how many other kinds of ppl are attracted to these games…
I’m from Australia and love dragon island.

Hi! we just opened this forum a few minutes ago, so I doubt there’s anyone here yet :) 

Hi! I am from the US, South Carolina.

This is going t be fun,

Happy Hunting!

Hello! I’m from the UK. Also huge DI fan and seeing this forum and finding out HI is fully playable now is a great start to the day! :smiley:

Hello! I am from Tokyo. I can not wait to play this game, loved Dragon Island and have been following the development of this one. :slight_smile:

Hello I am from Malaysia. I excited about the new game . I loved the Dragon Island blue. I hope the new one is as awesome :smiley: Great Day all

A good morning from the uk :slight_smile:
This is another of those games that’s gonna keep life away for just a few more months

Happy hunting

Hey I’m from uk! Loved dragon island! Kept me from going outside for a few days! hope hunter island keeps me inside for a few more days which it probably will :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I’m French (oh yeah, baguette and strikes), I really liked Dragon Island, and I am one of the french translator for Hunter Island :smiley:

Hi All, A glorious day in South Africa!

Been waiting ages for this game to come out. Dragon island was insane!

Hope you all have fun

Greetings and salutations from the land of China!

A bunch of friends and I are so looking forward to this XD


I’m from the US, specifically Connecticut.

Really looking forward to this game!!!

Hey all from beautiful Vancouver Canada. Anyone got a beta invite yet? Good luck!

Hello from the sunny and warm Sweden!

I am, as the rest of everyone here, really looking forward to Hunter Island. Been playing Dragon Island Blue since day 1 and I can´t wait to get a hold of this, what seems to be an amazing game by the best iOS game-makers by far.

Good luck on getting into the beta everyone.

Greetings from the United States (California)!

Super excited to play. I love Dragon Island and this game looks like it’s going to be amazing as well!

good luck!


hello, from a now dark sweden. looking forward to HI :slight_smile:

hi im Satto from United States (Florida) looking to be beta tester and fight a lot of strong people and train train and train a lot of powerfull monster  :smiley:

when PVP comes out i will search Oponents 

Heyo! All the way in Australia here! Can say with absolute surity that Hunter Island is gonna be one of the best games on the market after it gets out >.<

im from germany and hope that hunter island is as good as dragon island

Well I’m from North Carolina (US) I’ve been very pleased with everything the developers have created and how the incorporate the fans and players into the decision making of the game I’m very happy that they did this cause it gives us the chance to have our two cents hahaha I’m hoping I can beta test because this will be the best game on the App Store an I’m super pumped to play even if I don’t get chosen for the beta haha good luck to all who signed up and thanks again too the developers as they are doing and amazing job