Hi Guys !

Hello everyone !

Just a topic to say hello and introduce myself.

I’m 24 years old french guy (this will explain the mistakes I’ll do in English, by advance, I apologize).

I’ve been playing Hunter Island since the day it was released. Before that, I played Dragon Island Blue, that’s why I knew early about Hunter Island’s release. 

To tell a short story, my love affair with Dragon Island Blue ended a tragic way… I was so close from the end of the game, having a lot of powerful monsters, when the upgrade to iOS 7 beta made it all crash… I lived it like a drame but went through with courage (and a lot of wine)

So that’s it ! Hope I’ll be able to help some of you, and that I’ll get helped too :slight_smile:

I wish you good game guys and see you soon on different forums :wink:

Whoo, go DIB!

Welcome to the family. Hope you have fun, and best of luck to you!

Maybe we’ll get to battle each other.

Hello and welcome! Great to have you here :) 

And that sounds like something similar that happened to me with Dragon Island. I loved it, played it all the time, and then my file got messed up and I lost a great deal of monsters and things I had. This wasn’t due to iOS 7 beta, though. It was due to a beta for the game itself. 

Welcome to the forums, pierrom!

Don’t apologize for English mistakes, this is a diverse community and no one will hold it against you if you have some grammatical mistakes (even if you were an English native speaker ;> )

Sad to hear that about DIB, though… I hear iOS7 isn’t really the best update on Earth, if you know what I mean haha

Hi , I just started hunter island and got through like 40% and I’m still not a rank how is that