How cool would be a monster exchange

I think that once this topic was discussed, but I think that if we all vote in favor of it, the developers may think about it a little more. I think it would be interesting that every year when Valentine’s Day is celebrated in honor of that
date we can exchange a monster among the players, but I clarify only one monster could be changed per account, that is, every year we could acquire a legendary that we do not have in our team and thus expand the collection a little more. I would like to know what you think about it
especially Killerdog


I’m flattered that you especially want to hear what I think, but I will disappoint you.

I am very heavily against this.

A lot of newer players think about how lovely it would be to own the monsters they don’t yet have and “trading” comes to mind to get them. However, over time we are able to build a good collection in this game whether we spend money or play for free. Featured monsters are now always 10x chance so it’s quite easy to target specific legendaries we want. I would suggest patience, gem hoarding and picking the eggs you spend on carefully. We can never have all we want unless we start throwing our wallets at the game.

I also think these games are really not designed for trading. It undermines the gacha horribly and is open to abuse from old timers or multiple accounts, no matter how you set it up. If you restrict it very heavily to the point of almost no exploits possible then what you’d probably have is something that’s not worth even being in the game.

What I’d suggest instead
Each year at the game’s anniversary they make some special offer that is similar to this. We got one guaranteed mythic from 40 gems (20 paid gems) in the recent anniversary, which was a great idea. Maybe next year we could have an “anniversary shop” be added for two weeks with a collection of some of the best legendaries and we all get given a special ticket to buy the one we want most. Perhaps we get this special ticket from a guaranteed mythic 10-pack (like the one from last year). Hence, we buy the 10-pack with 40 (20 paid) gems to get 9 randoms, 1 random mythic and then get to also select a legendary of our choice.

tL;Dr This stuff should be done as promotional offers rather than as an interaction between players (i.e. trading).


um yes plz very good idea

You don’t disappoint me, I always wanted a shop to exist but that it was for gems even once a year so we would have the monster we most want. What I deal with all this is that the game becomes more interesting and in turn make those players who
in a way they are founders of the Neo and they have abandoned it again to feel that passion for this beautiful game. By the way you could tell me when the Whale’s Treasure returns

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I never got a chance to say this, but your profile picture looks great.

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Thank you very much for your comment


Yours is cool to


You know something about what developers will do on Valentine’s Day